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;;; -*- Package: de.setf.amqp.implementation; -*-
(in-package :de.setf.amqp.implementation)
(:documentation "This file defines test utilities for the 'de.setf.amqp' library."
"Copyright 2010 [james anderson]("
"'de.setf.amqp' is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of version 3
of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.
'setf.amqp' is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the
See the Affero General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License along with 'de.setf.amqp'.
If not, see the GNU [site]("))
;;; set up a delegating stream to act as a handle for test conection instances
(defclass binary-trace-stream ( #+ALLEGRO excl::fundamental-binary-output-stream
#+clisp gray:fundamental-binary-output-stream
#+CMU extensions:fundamental-binary-output-stream
#+CormanLisp stream
#+LispWorks stream:fundamental-stream
#+digitool ccl::output-binary-stream
#+clozure-common-lisp ccl:fundamental-binary-output-stream
#+sbcl sb-gray:fundamental-binary-output-stream
#+scl ext:binary-output-stream)
((stream :initform *trace-output* :initarg :stream
:reader stream-stream))
(:default-initargs :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8)))
(defclass binary-source-stream (#+ALLEGRO excl::fundamental-binary-input-stream
#+clisp gray:fundamental-binary-input-stream
#+CMU extensions:fundamental-binary-input-stream
#+CormanLisp stream
#+LispWorks stream:fundamental-stream
#+digitool ccl::input-binary-stream
#+clozure-common-lisp ccl:fundamental-binary-input-stream
#+sbcl sb-gray:fundamental-binary-input-stream
#+scl ext:binary-input-stream)
(:default-initargs :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8)))
(defMethod stream-element-type ((stream binary-trace-stream))
'(unsigned-byte 8))
(defmethod stream-direction ((stream binary-trace-stream))
(defmethod stream-tyo ((stream binary-trace-stream) (datum integer))
(format (stream-stream stream) " 0x~2,'0x" datum))
(defmethod stream-write-sequence ((vector vector) (stream binary-trace-stream) &key (start 0) (end nil))
(setf end (or end (length vector)))
(do ((I start (1+ i)))
((>= i end))
(declare (fixnum i))
(format (stream-stream stream) " 0x~2,'0x" (aref vector i)))
(- end start))
(defmethod device-listen ((stream binary-source-stream))
;; always return nil
;; this is needed when the connection starts as it tries to flush pending input on a stream
(defmethod stream-eofp ((stream binary-source-stream))
(defmethod stream-tyi ((stream binary-trace-stream))
(defparameter *binary-test-input* (make-instance 'binary-source-stream))
(defparameter *binary-trace-output* (make-instance 'binary-trace-stream))
(defmacro with-test-connection ((name &rest initargs) &rest body)
`(let ((,name (amqp:connection ,@(or initargs `(t))
:uri #u"amqp:///"
:input-handle *standard-input*
:output-handle *binary-trace-output*)))
(defmacro with-test-channel ((name connection &rest initargs) &rest body)
`(let ((,name ( ,connection
:number t
:uri #u"amqp:///"
:input-handle *binary-test-input*
:output-handle *binary-trace-output*)))
;; as the input handles have been provided to suppress
;; real protocol negotiation, need to connect it by-hand
(connect-channel ,connection ,name)
(defmacro with-test-channels (bindings &rest body)
(labels ((wrap-with-binding (bindings)
(if bindings
`(with-test-channel ,(first bindings)
,(wrap-with-binding (rest bindings)))
`(progn ,@body))))
(wrap-with-binding bindings)))
(defgeneric test-class-method-codecs (object arguments &key verbose-p)
(:documentation "Test the codec operators for a given object/method combination.
object : (designator amqp:object)
method : (designator amqp:method)
Resolve the object and method to instances, handling the context requirements at each level. Then encode and
decode the arguments and test equivalence. Decoded reserved values are ignored.")
(:method ((spec t) arguments &rest options)
(let ((class (etypecase spec (cons (first spec)) (symbol spec)))
(initargs (etypecase spec (cons (rest spec)) (symbol nil))))
(cond ((subtypep class 'amqp:connection)
(let ((amqp:*class.connection* class))
(with-test-connection (connection)
(when initargs (apply #'reinitialize-instance connection initargs))
(apply #'test-class-method-codecs connection arguments options))))
((subtypep class 'amqp:channel)
(with-test-connection (connection)
(apply #'test-class-method-codecs (apply #'amqp:ensure-object connection class initargs)
arguments options)))
(with-test-connection (connection)
(with-test-channel (channel connection)
(apply #'test-class-method-codecs (apply #'amqp:ensure-object channel class initargs)
arguments options)))))))
(:method ((object amqp:object) arguments &rest options
&key (verbose-p (eq test:*test-unit-mode* :verbose)))
(every #'(lambda (method-name)
(let ((method-entry (assoc method-name arguments)))
(cond (method-entry
(apply #'test-class-method-codecs (amqp:ensure-method object method-name)
(rest method-entry)
(when verbose-p
(format *trace-output* "No test entry for class method ~s." method-name))
(class-method-names object)))
(:method ((method amqp:method) arguments &key (verbose-p (eq test:*test-unit-mode* :verbose)))
(when (eq verbose-p :break) (break "test codec for method: ~s." method))
(apply 'call-with-encoded-arguments
#'(lambda (frame object method)
(call-with-decoded-arguments #'(lambda (object method &rest decoded-arguments)
(when verbose-p
(format *trace-output* "~&tcmc: ~a.~a: original ~s~%~7tdecoded ~s"
(type-of object)
(type-of method)
(equal (loop for (key value) on decoded-arguments by #'cddr
unless (search "reserved" (string key) :test #'char-equal)
nconc (list key value))
(method-object method) method
;;; support for loopback testing
;;; define a channel which puts output frames direly into input
;;; and arrange for it to be used by the connection
(defclass loopback-connection (amqp:connection)
:initform nil :initarg :frame-map
:accessor connection-frame-map)
:initform t
:accessor connection-loopback-enabled))
(:documentation "A Specialized connection class which simulates broker interaction by mirroring
each frames back into transformed input frames."))
(defgeneric print-queues (connection stream)
(:method ((connection amqp:connection) stream)
(format stream "~& [queues in[ ")
(flet ((do-frame (frame) (format-frame-header frame stream) (write-char #\space stream)))
(map nil #'do-frame (collection-content (device-read-frames connection)))
(format stream "] out[ ")
(map nil #'do-frame (collection-content (device-encoded-frames connection)))
(format stream "]]"))
(format stream "]")))
(defgeneric loopback-frame (output-frame)
(:method ((output-frame output-frame))
(let* ((connection (frame-connection output-frame))
(input-frame (claim-input-frame connection)))
(rotatef (slot-value input-frame 'header) (slot-value output-frame 'header))
(rotatef (slot-value input-frame 'data) (slot-value output-frame 'data))
(release-frame output-frame)
(defmethod put-encoded-frame ((connection loopback-connection) output-frame)
(when (connection-loopback-enabled connection)
(amqp:log :debug output-frame "loopback output")
(let ((frame-map (connection-frame-map connection)))
(cond (frame-map
(dolist (map-operator frame-map
(amqp:log :warn output-frame "no mapping."))
(multiple-value-bind (mapped handled)
(funcall map-operator output-frame)
(when handled
(typecase mapped
(amqp:log :debug nil "loopback suppressed"))
(amqp:log :debug mapped "loopback as mapped input")
(put-read-frame connection mapped))
(dotimes (i (length mapped))
(let ((mapped (elt mapped i)))
(amqp:log :debug mapped "loopback as mapped input")
(put-read-frame connection mapped)))))
(let ((input-frame (loopback-frame output-frame)))
(amqp:log :debug input-frame "default loopback as input")
(put-read-frame connection input-frame)))))
(flet ((log-queues (stream)
(print-queues connection stream)))
(declare (dynamic-extent #'log-queues))
(log-when :debug #'log-queues))))
;;; this has no effect as the channels pass through the connection queue in their
;;; own specialized method
(defmethod get-read-frame ((connection loopback-connection) &key (wait nil))
(flet ((frame-matches-connection-p (frame)
(eql (frame-channel-number frame) 0)))
(declare (dynamic-extent #'frame-matches-connection-p))
(or (dequeue (device-read-frames connection)
:test #'frame-matches-connection-p
:if-empty wait)
(error "empty loopback queue."))))
;;; frequent loopback opreators
(defun make-publish-to-deliver-loopback (from-channel to-channel &key
(redelivered nil)
(delivery-tag 0)
(message-count 0))
(flet ((publish-to-deliver-loopback (frame)
(when (and (eql (frame-channel-number frame) (channel-number from-channel))
(eq (frame-type-class-name frame) 'amqp:method)
(eq (frame-method-name frame) 'amqp:publish))
(let ((to-basic (amqp:basic to-channel))
(from-basic (amqp:basic from-channel)))
(labels ((encode-get-ok (class method &key routing-key exchange &allow-other-keys)
(declare (ignore class method))
(release-frame frame)
(call-with-encoded-arguments #'return-get-ok to-basic 'amqp:get-ok
:delivery-tag (incf delivery-tag)
:redelivered redelivered
:exchange exchange
:routing-key routing-key
:message-count (incf message-count)))
(return-get-ok (frame class method)
(declare (ignore class method))
(return-from publish-to-deliver-loopback
(values (loopback-frame frame) t))))
(declare (dynamic-extent #'encode-get-ok #'return-get-ok))
(call-with-decoded-arguments #'encode-get-ok from-basic 'amqp:publish frame))))))
(defun make-content-loopback (from-channel to-channel)
(flet ((content-loopback (frame)
(when (and (eql (frame-channel-number frame) (channel-number from-channel))
(member (frame-type-class-name frame) '(amqp:header amqp:body)))
(let ((input-frame (loopback-frame frame)))
(setf (frame-channel-number input-frame)
(channel-number to-channel))
(values input-frame t)))))
(defun make-declare-queue-ok-loopback (channel &key
(consumer-count 0)
(message-count 0))
(flet ((queue-ok-loopback (frame)
(when (and (eql (frame-channel-number frame) (channel-number channel))
(eq (frame-type-class-name frame) 'amqp:method)
(eq (frame-method-name frame) 'amqp:declare)
(eq (frame-class-name frame) 'amqp:queue))
(let ((queue (amqp:queue channel))
(ok-frame nil))
(flet ((encode-ok (class method &key queue &allow-other-keys)
(declare (ignore class method))
(setf ok-frame
(encode-method 'amqp:declare-ok (amqp:queue channel)
:queue queue
:message-count (incf message-count)
:consumer-count (incf consumer-count)))))
(declare (dynamic-extent #'encode-ok))
(call-with-decoded-arguments #'encode-ok queue (amqp:ensure-method queue 'amqp:declare) frame)
(release-frame frame)
(values (loopback-frame ok-frame) t))))))
(defun make-declare-exchange-ok-loopback (channel)
(flet ((exchange-ok-loopback (frame)
(when (and (eq (frame-type-class-name frame) 'amqp:method)
(eq (frame-method-name frame) 'amqp:declare)
(eq (frame-class-name frame) 'amqp:exchange))
(let* ((exchange (amqp:exchange channel))
(ok-frame (encode-method 'amqp:declare-ok exchange)))
(release-frame frame)
(values (loopback-frame ok-frame) t)))))
(defun make-consume-ok-loopback (channel)
(flet ((consume-ok-loopback (frame)
(when (and (eql (frame-channel-number frame) (channel-number channel))
(eq (frame-type-class-name frame) 'amqp:method)
(eq (frame-method-name frame) 'amqp:consume)
(eq (frame-class-name frame) 'amqp:basic))
(let* ((exchange (amqp:exchange channel))
(ok-frame (encode-method 'amqp:declare-ok exchange)))
(release-frame frame)
(values (loopback-frame ok-frame) t)))))
(defun make-bind-ok-loopback (channel)
(flet ((bind-ok-loopback (frame)
(when (and (eql (frame-channel-number frame) (channel-number channel))
(eq (frame-type-class-name frame) 'amqp:method)
(eq (frame-method-name frame) 'amqp:bind)
(eq (frame-class-name frame) 'amqp:queue))
(let* ((queue (amqp:queue channel))
(ok-frame (encode-method 'amqp:bind-ok queue)))
(release-frame frame)
(values (loopback-frame ok-frame) t)))))
(defun make-command-sink (method-name)
(flet ((method-sink (frame)
(when (and (eq (frame-type-class-name frame) 'amqp:method)
(eq (frame-method-name frame) method-name))
(release-frame frame)
(values nil t))))
(defun make-ok-reflector (channel class out-method in-method)
(flet ((ok-reflector (frame)
(when (and (eql (frame-channel-number frame) (channel-number channel))
(eq (frame-type-class-name frame) 'amqp:method)
(eq (frame-method-name frame) out-method)
(eq (frame-class-name frame) class))
(let* ((queue (amqp:ensure-object channel class))
(ok-frame (encode-method in-method queue)))
(release-frame frame)
(values (loopback-frame ok-frame) t)))))
(defgeneric test-class-method-loopback (output-script input-constraints &key connection-class verbose-p)
(:documentation "Test the output against the processed values
OUTPUT-SCRIPT : a list of forms, each (request-operator . args)
INPUT-CONSTRAINTS : a list of forms, each (method-type class-type . args)
the request is written to a loopback channel and the result is received until none are left.
each is compared by type and argument list to the contraint form.")
(:method ((output list) (input list) &key (connection-class (error "connection-class required."))
(verbose-p nil))
(let ((amqp:*class.connection* connection-class))
(with-test-connection (connection)
(with-test-channel (channel connection :number 1)
(dolist (request output)
(destructuring-bind (op class . args) request
(setf class (amqp:ensure-object channel class))
(apply op class args)))
(let ((failure nil))
(command-loop (channel :wait nil)
(t ((class t) &rest args)
(let ((test-response (pop input)))
(unless test-response
(setf failure `(:input ,amqp::method ,class ,args))
(return-from command-loop nil))
(destructuring-bind (method-type class-type . test-args) test-response
(when verbose-p
(format *trace-output* "~&~%received: (~s ~s)~%~8t. ~s~%constraint: (~s ~s) . ~s"
amqp::method class args method-type class-type test-args))
(or (and (typep amqp::method method-type) (typep class class-type)
(loop for (key value) on test-args by #'cddr
unless (equalp (getf args key) value)
return nil
finally (return t)))
(return-from command-loop
(progn (setf failure `(:input ,amqp::method ,class ,args)) nil)))))))
(and (null failure) (null input))))))))
;;; test timing:
;;; time processing to send and receive a command. in order to test the pipeline per-se,
;;; create all markers by running one loop. then time repeated passes. the result indicates
;;; the total duration and memory usage and an average per echoed command. the minimum memory
;;; usage is that requird to service the queues.
;;; mcl5.2 g5-1.8ghz is .4ms per loopback
;;; (:loops 4000 :SECONDS 1.683 :BYTES 60416 :SECONDS/LOOPBACK 4.2075E-4 :BYTES/LOOPBACK 15.104)
(defun call-with-loopback (op &key (class 'amqp-1-1-0-9-1-loopback-connection))
(let ((amqp:*class.connection* class)
(command-count 0))
(with-test-connection (connection)
(with-test-channel (channel connection :number 1)
(let ((basic (amqp:basic channel ))
(exchange (amqp:exchange channel :exchange "" :type "direct"))
(queue (amqp:queue channel :queue "" :message-count 1 :consumer-count 0))
(tx (amqp:tx channel)))
(setf (connection-frame-map connection)
(list (make-publish-to-deliver-loopback channel channel)
(make-content-loopback channel channel)
(make-declare-queue-ok-loopback channel)
(make-declare-exchange-ok-loopback channel)
(make-bind-ok-loopback channel)
(make-consume-ok-loopback channel)
(make-command-sink 'amqp:get)
(make-ok-reflector channel 'amqp:tx 'amqp:select 'amqp:select-ok)
(make-command-sink 'amqp:ack)))
(flet ((basic.publish ()
;; there is no intrinsic response
(amqp:publish basic :exchange exchange)
;; clear the respose: get-ok,header.body
(setf (device-state channel) amqp.s:use-channel.body.input)
(dotimes (i 3) ; command, header, body
(command-case (channel)
(t ((class t) &rest args)
(declare (dynamic-extent args))
(amqp:log :debug class "cwl in: ~a : ~s" amqp::method args)
(exchange.declare ()
;; request op handles response
(amqp:declare exchange))
(queue.declare ()
;; request op handles response
(amqp:declare queue))
( ()
;; request op handles response
(amqp:select tx)))
(flet ((run (&rest operations)
(declare (dynamic-extent operations))
(dolist (op (or operations '(basic.publish exchange.declare queue.declare
(ecase op
(basic.publish (basic.publish))
(exchange.declare (exchange.declare))
(queue.declare (queue.declare))
( (
(incf command-count))))
(funcall op #'run))))))
(defun run-loopback (&key (passes 1) (operations nil) ((:log-level *log-level*) *log-level*)
(class 'amqp-1-1-0-9-1-loopback-connection))
(labels ((run-loopback (run)
(dotimes (i passes)
(apply run operations))))
(call-with-loopback #'run-loopback :class class)))
;;; about a 20% difference with the cache enabled
#+(or ) (time-loopback :passes 1000 :operations '() :cache-p t) ; :log-level :warn)
#+(or ) (time-loopback :passes 1000 :operations '() :cache-p nil) ; :log-level :warn)
(defun loopback-class-methods (combinations &key (class 'amqp-1-1-0-9-1-loopback-connection)
((:log-level *log-level*) *log-level*))
(let ((amqp:*class.connection* class)
(count 0))
(with-test-connection (connection)
(with-test-channel (channel connection :number 1)
(loop for (class-name . methods) in combinations
do (let ((class (amqp:ensure-object channel (cons-symbol :amqp class-name))))
(dolist (method methods)
(send-method (cons-symbol :amqp method) class)
(command-case (channel)
(t ((class t) &rest args)
(declare (dynamic-extent args))
(amqp:log :debug class "~a : ~s" amqp::method args)
(incf count))))))))
#+(or )
(loopback-class-methods '((basic publish) (exchange declare) (queue declare) (tx select))
:log-level :debug)
(defun loopback-objects (content &key (class 'amqp-1-1-0-9-1-loopback-connection)
(content-type mime:application/sexp)
(element-type 'standard-object)
((:log-level *log-level*) *log-level*))
(let ((amqp:*class.connection* class))
(with-test-connection (connection)
(with-test-channels ((channel-publish connection :number 1 :element-type element-type :content-type content-type)
(channel-consume connection :number 2 :element-type element-type :content-type content-type))
(let ((basic-publish (amqp:basic channel-publish))
(basic-consume (amqp:basic channel-consume))
(exchange-publish (amqp:exchange channel-publish :exchange "ex" :type "direct"))
(queue-publish (amqp:queue channel-publish :queue "q1" :message-count 0 :consumer-count 0))
(queue-consume (amqp:queue channel-consume :queue "q1" :message-count 0 :consumer-count 0)))
(setf (connection-frame-map connection)
(list (make-publish-to-deliver-loopback channel-publish channel-consume)
(make-content-loopback channel-publish channel-consume)
(make-declare-queue-ok-loopback channel-publish)
(make-declare-exchange-ok-loopback channel-publish)
(make-bind-ok-loopback channel-publish)
(make-declare-queue-ok-loopback channel-consume)
(make-consume-ok-loopback channel-consume)
(make-command-sink 'amqp:get)
(make-command-sink 'amqp:ack)))
;; declare and bind the queues
(amqp:request-declare queue-publish)
(amqp:request-declare exchange-publish)
(amqp:request-bind queue-publish :exchange exchange-publish
:queue queue-publish
:routing-key "/")
(mapcar #'(lambda (content)
(amqp:request-publish basic-publish :body content :exchange exchange-publish)
(amqp:request-get basic-consume :queue queue-consume))
;;; simple class to use for object message tests
(defclass test-object ()
((number :initform 1 :initarg :number)
(character :initform #\return :initarg :character)
(string :initform "two" :initarg :string)
(vector :initform #(1 2 3) :initarg :vector)))
(defmethod print-object ((object test-object) (stream t))
(print-unreadable-object (object stream :identity t :type t)
(dolist (sd (c2mop:class-direct-slots (class-of object)))
(let ((name (c2mop:slot-definition-name sd)))
(format stream " [~a ~s]"
name (bound-slot-value object name '|#<unbound>|))))))
(defmethod make-load-form ((object test-object) &optional environment)
(declare (ignore environment))
(values `(allocate-instance (find-class ',(type-of object)))
`(progn ,@(remove nil
(mapcar #'(lambda (sd)
(let ((name (c2mop:slot-definition-name sd)))
(when (slot-boundp object name)
`(setf (slot-value ,object ',name)
',(slot-value object name)))))
(c2mop:class-direct-slots (class-of object)))))))
(defun test-live-objects (content &key (content-type mime:application/sexp)
(verbose-p nil) (delay-p nil)
(element-type 'standard-object)
(uri "amqp://guest:guest@")
((:log-level *log-level*) *log-level*)
(count 1) (no-ack t))
(let ((connection (make-instance 'amqp:connection :uri uri)))
(let ((channel-publish ( connection :uri #u"/?exchange=e1&queue=q1"
:element-type element-type
:content-type content-type))
(channel-consume ( connection :direction :input :uri #u"/?queue=q1"
:element-type element-type
:content-type content-type)))
(let ((basic-publish (amqp:channel.basic channel-publish))
(basic-consume (amqp:channel.basic channel-consume :no-ack no-ack))
(exchange-publish ( channel-publish :exchange "ex" :type "direct"))
(queue-publish (amqp:channel.queue channel-publish :queue "q1" :message-count 0 :consumer-count 0))
(queue-consume (amqp:channel.queue channel-consume :queue "q1" :message-count 0 :consumer-count 0)))
;; declare and bind the queues
(amqp:declare queue-publish)
(amqp:request-declare exchange-publish)
(amqp:request-bind queue-publish :exchange exchange-publish
:queue queue-publish
:routing-key "my key")
(let ((start (get-internal-run-time))
(get-count 0)
(publish-count 0)
(result nil))
(dotimes (i count result)
(mapcar #'(lambda (content)
(amqp:request-publish basic-publish :body content :exchange exchange-publish
:routing-key "my key")
(incf publish-count)
(when delay-p (sleep (random 1.0)))
(setf result (amqp:request-get basic-consume :queue queue-consume))
(incf get-count)
(when verbose-p (print result)))
(- (get-internal-run-time) start)
(+ publish-count get-count)))))))
;;; utilities
(defmethod drain-connection ((data vector) (stream stream) &key (start 0) (end (length data)))
"read an return all bytes available on the stream."
(multiple-value-bind (null error)
(do ((i start (1+ i))
(byte (read-byte stream)
(read-byte stream)))
((or (>= i end) (null byte) (< byte 0))
(subseq data 0 i))
(format *trace-output* " ~2,'0d" byte)
(force-output *trace-output*)
(setf (aref data i) byte)))
(cond ((null null)
(princ error)
(values data error))
(defun probe-connection (&key (host "") (port *standard-port*) (repeat 0))
;; open, write protocol token, read frame, write static frame, read complete to eof
(let* ((socket (usocket:socket-connect host port :element-type 'unsigned-byte))
(stream (usocket:socket-stream socket))
(data (make-frame-buffer 1024))
(token (make-frame-buffer 8))
(byte 0))
(setf (buffer-protocol-header token) *default-version*)
(write-sequence token stream)
(dotimes (i repeat)
(write-sequence (map 'vector #'char-code #(#\return #\linefeed))
(force-output stream)
;; read header
(case (setf byte (read-byte stream))
;; the later protocols reply with a version to confirm, but
;; the early ones just send the start frame immediately
(#.(char-code #\A)
(setf (aref data 0) byte)
(unless (= 8 (read-sequence token stream :start 1))
(error "protocol token failed to read."))
(buffer-protocol-header token))
(setf (aref data 0) byte)
(drain-connection data stream :start 1))))
(when socket (usocket:socket-close socket)))))
;;; generic dispatch and keyword processing overhead
(defgeneric test-keywords (context1 context2 &rest args &key key1 key2 key3 key4 key5)
(:method ((context1 t) (context2 null) &rest args)
(declare (dynamic-extent args))
(every #'identity args))
(:method ((context1 fixnum) (context2 cons) &key key1 key2 key3 key4 key5)
(test-keywords (1+ context1) (rest context2)
:key1 key1
:key2 key2
:key3 key3
:key4 key4
:key5 key5)))
(defun test-required (context1 context2 key1 key2 key3 key4 key5)
(if context2
(test-required (1+ context1) (rest context2) key1 key2 key3 key4 key5)
(and key1 key2 key3 key4 key5)))
(defun test-calls (&key (count 1024) (data (make-list 1024)))
(time (dotimes (x count)
(test-keywords 0 data :key1 1 :key2 'two :key3 "three" :key4 4.0 :key5 #(5))))
(time (dotimes (x count)
(test-required 0 data 1 'two "three" 4.0 #(5)))))
;;; (test-calls :count (* 100 1024):data (make-list 10))