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... change amqp:deliver to return verbatim the values of a an op pass…

…ed to device-read-content
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lisp committed Jun 19, 2012
1 parent b605602 commit 8e4f674ad04825de054ea3f8e8c1e44dfefeca76
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@@ -450,8 +450,7 @@ messages in between sending the cancel method and receiving the cancel-ok reply.
(let ((channel (object-channel basic)))
;; save the tag for eventual acknowledgment - either by app or below
(setf (amqp:basic-delivery-tag basic) delivery-tag)
- (multiple-value-prog1 (values (apply #'device-read-content channel args)
- (amqp:basic-headers basic))
+ (multiple-value-prog1 (apply #'device-read-content channel args)
(when (and (channel-acknowledge-messages channel)
;; in case the ack was managed elsewhere, test
(eql (amqp:basic-delivery-tag basic) delivery-tag))

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