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;;; -*- Mode: lisp; Syntax: ansi-common-lisp; Base: 10; Package: bnf-parser; -*-
;;; This file is part of the atn-parser system. It graphs atn models.
(in-package :atn-parser)
;; GRAPH-ATN-SYSTEM handles the various input forms and prints the system's net definitions to a stream.
(defgeneric graph-atn-system (system &key)
"translate an atn system to its net definitions.")
(:method ((grammar-system atn-system)
((:source-package *atn-source-package*) *package*)
(dot-pathname (error "dot-pathname is required.")))
"print an atn system."
(declare (special *atn-source-package*))
(setq *atn-source-package* (or (find-package *atn-source-package*)
"source package is invalid: ~s." *atn-source-package*))
(dot:context-put-graph dot-pathname grammar-system grammar-system)
(:method ((*grammar string) &rest keys
&key ((:register-words *atn-register-words) nil)
((:token-package *atn-token-package*) *package*)
((:source-package *atn-source-package*) *package*)
"translate a bnf grammar to an atn system and from there write it to a stream."
(declare (special *grammar))
(setq *atn-source-package* (or (find-package *atn-source-package*)
"source package is invalid: ~s." *atn-source-package*))
(setq *atn-token-package* (or (find-package *atn-token-package*)
"token package is invalid: ~s." *atn-token-package*))
(let ((atn-system (bnf-to-atn *grammar)))
(cond (atn-system
(apply #'graph-atn-system atn-system keys))
(warn "grammar not parsed: ~s."
(subseq *grammar 0 (min (length *grammar) 128)))))))
(:method ((stream stream) &rest keys &key &allow-other-keys)
"read a bnf grammar from a stream into a buffer and continue processing on that."
(flet ((stream->string (stream &aux (buffer (make-array 0 :element-type 'character
:adjustable t
:fill-pointer 0))
(loop (unless (setf character (read-char stream nil nil))
(return buffer))
(vector-push-extend character buffer))))
(apply #'graph-atn-system (stream->string stream) keys)))
(:method ((*grammar-pathname pathname) &rest keys
&key (dot-pathname (make-pathname :type "dot" :defaults *grammar-pathname))
"read a bnf grammar from a file and compile it to a parser."
(declare (special *grammar-pathname))
(with-open-file (stream *grammar-pathname :direction :input)
(apply #'graph-atn-system stream
:dot-pathname dot-pathname
(defgeneric dot-edge-label (edge)
(:method ((edge atn-edge))
(with-output-to-string (stream) (write edge :stream stream :pretty t)))
(:method ((edge cat-atn-edge))
(format nil "(cat ~A)" (category-name (atn-cat edge))))
(:method ((object fail-atn-edge))
(:method ((object jump-atn-edge))
(:method ((object pop-atn-edge))
(:method ((object push-atn-edge))
(format nil "(push ~a)" (atn-start (atn-net-atn object))))
(:method ((edge test-atn-edge))
(format nil "(test ~A)" (atn-test edge)))
(:method ((edge word-atn-edge))
(format nil "(word |~A|)" (atn-word edge))))
(defmethod dot:context-put-graph ((context (name atn-system) (graph atn-system) &rest args)
(apply #'dot:context-put-graph context (system-name name) graph args))
(defmethod dot:context-put-graph ((context (name t) (graph atn-system) &rest attributes)
"Encode an atn system as a .dot graph.
Encode each ATN as its own subgraph with internal links for end and fail transitions and
inter-net edges for push nodes."
(flet ((put-atn-graph ()
(context-put-atn-system-graph context graph)))
(apply #'dot:context-put-graph context name #'put-atn-graph
:fontname "courier"
:edge '(:fontname "courier")
:node '(:fontname "courier")
(defmethod dot:context-put-node ((context (object atn) &rest attributes)
(apply #'dot:context-put-node context (atn-name object) attributes))
(defmethod dot:context-put-node ((context (object atn-node) &rest attributes)
(apply #'dot:context-put-node context (atn-name object) attributes))
(defmethod dot:context-put-edge ((context (from atn) (to t) &rest attributes)
(apply #'dot:context-put-edge context (atn-name from) to attributes))
(defmethod dot:context-put-edge ((context (from atn-node) (to t) &rest attributes)
(apply #'dot:context-put-edge context (atn-name from) to attributes))
(defgeneric context-put-atn-system-graph (context atn-system)
(:method ((context t) (system atn-system))
(dot:context-put-node dot:*context* system :label "START")
(dolist (atn (system-nets system))
(flet ((put-net-subgraph-nodes ()
(context-put-atn-nodes context atn)))
(dot:context-put-graph context (setf (dot:context-id context atn) (gensym "cluster")) #'put-net-subgraph-nodes
:strict nil
:statement-type '
(dolist (atn (system-nets system))
(context-put-atn-edges context atn))
;; these after, in order to use the proper atn id,
(dot:context-put-edge context system (atn-start (system-main-net system)))))
(defgeneric context-put-atn-nodes (context atn)
(:method ((context t) (object atn))
(dot:context-put-node context object)
(dolist (node (atn-nodes object))
(dot:context-put-node context node))))
(defgeneric context-put-atn-edges (context atn)
(:method ((context t) (object atn))
(dot:context-put-edge context object (atn-start-node object) :label "start")
(dolist (node (atn-nodes object))
(context-put-atn-edges context node)))
(:method ((context t) (object atn-node))
(dolist (edge (atn-edges object))
(dot:context-put-edge context object edge))))
(defmethod dot:context-put-edge ((context (node1 t) (node2 atn) &rest args)
(apply #'dot:context-put-edge context node1 `(dot:subgraph . ,(dot:context-id context node2)) args))
(defmethod dot:context-put-edge ((context (start atn-node) (edge atn-transition) &rest attributes &key (label (dot-edge-label edge)) &allow-other-keys)
(let ((fail (atn-fail edge))
(end (atn-end edge)))
(apply #'dot:context-put-edge context (atn-name start) end :label label attributes)
(when fail
(apply #'dot:context-put-edge context (atn-name start) fail :label "fail" attributes))))
(defmethod dot:context-put-edge ((context (start atn-node) (edge push-atn-edge) &rest attributes &key (label (dot-edge-label edge)) &allow-other-keys)
(let* ((net (atn-net-atn edge))
(net-start (atn-start-node net))
(end (atn-end edge))
(fail (atn-fail edge)))
(apply #'dot:context-put-edge context start net-start :label label attributes)
(apply #'dot:context-put-edge context (atn-name start) end :label label attributes)
(when fail
(apply #'dot:context-put-edge context (atn-name start) fail :label "fail" attributes))))
(defmethod dot:context-put-edge ((context (start atn-node) (edge pop-atn-edge) &rest attributes)
(let* ((net (atn-net start)))
(apply #'dot:context-put-edge context start (format nil "~a.pop" (atn-name net))
:label "pop"
(defmethod dot:context-put-edge ((context (start atn-node) (edge or-atn-edge) &rest attributes)
;; encode just the fail - the individual dependents are to be encoded on their own
(let ((fail (atn-fail edge)))
(when fail
(apply #'dot:context-put-edge context (atn-name start) fail :label "fail" attributes))))
(defmethod dot:context-put-edge ((context (start atn-node) (edge atn-edge) &rest attributes)
(declare (ignore attributes))
;; by default do nothing for a non-specific edge
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