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@@ -23,7 +23,8 @@ Over the years, it has been built and [probed](./tests/tests.asd) in the followi
<td>MCL-5.2, AGL-1.2.4:<br/><a href='./readmes/mcl-opengl.png'><img src='' width='64' height='64'/></a></td>
<td>MCL-5.2, safari 4.03:<br/>
<a href=''>
- <img type='image/svg+xml' src='' width='64' height='64'/></a></td></tr>
+ <object type='image/svg+xml' src='' width='64' height='64'>
+ <img type='image/svg+xml' src='' width='64' height='64'/></object></a></td></tr>
<td>CCL-1.3, OS X 4.6, clx_0.7.3:<br/><a href='./readmes/ccl-clx.png'><img src='' width='64' height='64'/></a></td>

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