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1 parent 817248f commit d78bca1c5da5b2acb972a576b175af4eb1edb07d @lisp committed May 6, 2012
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  1. +4 −1 graphics.asd
  2. +0 −2 projection/abstract-projection.lisp
@@ -57,7 +57,10 @@
:components ((:module "utility"
:pathname #p"LIBRARY:de;setf;utility;"
:components ((:file "lock")
- (:file "meta")))
+ (:module "meta"
+ :serial t
+ :components ((:file "meta")
+ (:file "float")))))
(:file "skippy"
:pathname "LIBRARY:com;xach;skippy.lisp")))
@@ -1783,7 +1783,6 @@ operation, the operation is ignored.</p>
(defgeneric delegate-projection-task (task controller &rest args)
- (declare (dynamic-extent args))
"run a context's projection task. this is either a reified task, in which case the context's controller queues it for
later action, or it is a function, in which case it is run immediately.")
@@ -1801,7 +1800,6 @@ operation, the operation is ignored.</p>
which, by default, queues a deferred draw operation.
a context specialization may, alternatively, implement rendering as a directly executed
method, or it may implement context-")
- (declare (dynamic-extent args))
(:method ((context projection-context) &rest args)
(declare (dynamic-extent args))
(apply #'delegate-projection-task

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