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;;; -*- Mode: lisp; Syntax: ansi-common-lisp; Base: 10; Package: de.setf.utility.implementation; -*-
;;; This file is part of the 'de.setf.utility' Common Lisp library.
;;; It defines package operators with provisions for side-effects on exxisting packages.
;;; Copyright 2003, 2009, 2010 [james anderson]( All Rights Reserved
;;; 'de.setf.utility' is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;;; it under the terms of version 3 of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
;;; the Free Software Foundation.
;;; 'de.setf.utility' is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY;
;;; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
;;; See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
;;; A copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License should be included with 'de.setf.utility, as `lgpl.txt`.
;;; If not, see the GNU [site](
;;; content : several package operators to extend and/or standardize defpackage
;;; modpackage (package-designator &rest options)
;;; A macro to define or modify the designated package. The options include operations with
;;; side-effects on existing packages.
;;; ensure-package (designator &key if-exists if-does-not-exist)
;;; modify a ackage's existence to create, load, delete based its curent existence and the
;;; existence arguments
;;; modify-package (package &rest options)
;;; function implementation for the modpackage macro.
;;; In particular,
;;; with defined behavior for repeated operations
;;; as a special-case, this file defines the implementation package and the utility package.
;;; it should be loaded as the first of the utility source files, as they require the implementation package
;;; to exist and use its package definition operator to extend the interface package.
;;; 20030328 neither openmcl nor allegro5.* support package documentation
;;; 20030412 corrected :export-only, :export-from order to preceed other :export-* options
;;; 20030416 correct load-package to look first for a binary file (still without regard to write date)
;;; 20030416 and added optional separate package file
;;; 20030419 observe exisiting accessibles for :import-from and :export-to, but not :export-from and :export-through
;;; 20030419 signal error/cerror for :shadowing-inport-from shadowing-inport-to
;;; 20030419 stable-sort for operation ordering, with changes to precedence predicate to return nil for self reference
;;; 20030419 explicit :use nil argument to make-package in ensure-package
;;; 20030901 :ensure method to modify-package;
;;; 20030901 replaced package-search-path* with a single *package-host-name* to avoid problems with host-free logical pathnames
;;; 20030901 optional package file is <designator>-package rather than <designator>/package to allow arbitrary content
;;; 20030901 in subdirectories
;;; 20031212.jaa changed package op order to :export-from :export-only since the import must happen first
;;; 20040106.jaa exported *package-host-name*; added package as load-package designator
;;; 20050525.janderson single-case symbol names
;;; 20090303.janderson unified utility packages; import modpackage into cl-user
;;; 20100203.janderson unified with asdf for loading
;;; 20100210.janderson initial package definitions (this file and pathnames) in one place
(in-package :de.setf.utility.implementation)
(eval-when (:execute :load-toplevel :compile-toplevel)
(import '(modpackage) :common-lisp-user)
(defparameter *package-operations*
'(:purge :clear :ensure
:like :shadow :shadowing-import-from :use-only :use
:import-only :import-from :intern-only :intern
:export-from :export-only :unexport :export :alias :nicknames
:shadowing-import-to :use-by :export-through :version)))
(defmacro defvarconstant (name value &optional documentation)
(let ((name-var (gensym)))
`(defconstant ,name
(let ((,name-var ,value))
(if (boundp ',name)
(progn (assert (equalp (symbol-value ',name) ,name-var) ()
"Previous value for constant ~a not equal to new binding: ~s."
',name ,name-var)
(symbol-value ',name))
,@(when documentation (list documentation)))))
(defparameter *package-host-name* "library"
"Used by functions ensure-package and load-package.
The *package-host-name* variable should be bound to a logical host name which
designates translations which comprise the possible locations of loadable package implementations.")
(defparameter *binary-type* (pathname-type (compile-file-pathname "file.LISP")))
(define-condition package-not-found (#+(and mcl digitool) ccl::no-such-package warning)
((package :initform nil)
(name :initform nil :initarg :name)
(pathname :initform nil :initarg :pathname))
(:report (lambda (condition stream)
(with-slots (name pathname) condition
(format stream "package not found: ~a~@[ in pathname: ~s~]." name pathname)))))
(defun intern-symbol-name (datum in-package)
(etypecase datum
(string )
((and symbol (not null)) (setf datum (string datum))))
(intern datum in-package))
(defun find-symbol-name (datum in-package)
(etypecase datum
(string )
((and symbol (not null)) (setf datum (string datum))))
(or (find-symbol datum in-package) (error "symbol not found: ~s ~s" datum in-package)))
(defun call-with-symbol-names (function designators)
(if (listp designators)
(let* ((length (length designators))
(names (make-list length)))
(declare (fixnum length) (dynamic-extent names))
(flet ((string-first (symbols designators)
(setf (first symbols) (string (first designators)))))
(declare (dynamic-extent #'string-first))
(mapl #'string-first names designators)
(funcall function names)))
(funcall function (string designators)))
(defun call-with-interned-symbols (function designators in-package)
(if (listp designators)
(let* ((length (length designators))
(symbols (make-list length)))
(declare (fixnum length) (dynamic-extent symbols))
(flet ((intern-first (symbols designators)
(setf (first symbols) (intern-symbol-name (first designators) in-package))))
(declare (dynamic-extent #'intern-first))
(mapl #'intern-first symbols designators)
(funcall function symbols)))
(funcall function (intern-symbol-name designators in-package)))
(defun call-with-found-symbols (function designators in-package)
(if (listp designators)
(let* ((length (length designators))
(symbols (make-list length)))
(declare (fixnum length) (dynamic-extent symbols))
(flet ((find-first (symbols designators)
(setf (first symbols) (find-symbol-name (first designators) in-package))))
(declare (dynamic-extent #'find-first))
(mapl #'find-first symbols designators)
(funcall function symbols)))
(funcall function (find-symbol-name designators in-package))))
(defun string-match-p (string pattern)
#+ccl(ccl::%component-match-p string pattern)
#-ccl(error "no definition available for string-match-p: ~s: ~s" string pattern))
(defun find-packages (wildname &key (if-does-not-exist nil))
(or (remove-if (complement #'(lambda (package)
(flet ((test-name (name) (string-match-p name wildname)))
(or (test-name (package-name package))
(dolist (nickname (package-nicknames package))
(when (test-name nickname) (return t)))))))
(list-all-packages) :key #'package-name)
(ecase if-does-not-exist
((nil) nil)
(:error (error 'package-not-found :name wildname :pathname nil)))))
(defgeneric modify-package-operation (package operation arguments)
(:method ((package t) (operation t) (arguments t))
(modify-package-operation (ensure-package package :if-does-not-exist :error) operation arguments))
(:method ((package package) (operation t) (symbol t))
(modify-package-operation package operation (list symbol)))
(:method ((package package) (operation t) (symbols list))
(no-applicable-method #'modify-package-operation package operation symbols))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :clear)) (arguments t))
(unuse-package (package-use-list package) package)
(dolist (using-package (package-used-by-list package)) (unuse-package package using-package))
(do-all-symbols (symbol package) (unintern symbol package)))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :ensure)) (arguments cons))
(dolist (to-ensure arguments)
(ensure-package to-ensure :if-does-not-exist :load)))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :like)) (arguments cons))
(modify-package-operation package :like (first arguments))
(when (rest arguments)
(apply #'modify-package package (rest arguments))))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :like)) (prototype t))
(modify-package-operation package :like (ensure-package prototype :if-does-not-exist :error)))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :like)) (prototype package))
(modify-package-operation package :clear nil)
(when (package-shadowing-symbols prototype)
(shadowing-import (package-shadowing-symbols prototype) package))
(dolist (using-package (package-used-by-list prototype)) (use-package package using-package))
(dolist (used-package (package-use-list prototype)) (use-package used-package package))
(with-package-iterator (next-symbol prototype :internal :external)
(loop (multiple-value-bind (more-p symbol accessibility) (next-symbol)
(unless more-p (return))
(ecase accessibility
(:external (import symbol package) (export symbol package))
(:internal (import symbol package)))))))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :alias)) (arguments list))
(flet ((do-alias (names)
(unless (listp names) (setf names (list names)))
(rename-package package (package-name package) (union names (package-nicknames package) :test #'string=))))
(declare (dynamic-extent #'do-alias))
(call-with-symbol-names #'do-alias arguments)))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :nicknames)) (nicknames list))
(rename-package package (package-name package) (mapcar #'string nicknames)))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :export-only)) (symbols list))
(flet ((do-export (symbols) (export symbols package)))
(declare (dynamic-extent #'do-export))
(do-external-symbols (symbol package)
(unless (find symbol symbols :test #'string=) (unexport symbol package)))
(when symbols
(call-with-interned-symbols #'do-export symbols package))))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :export)) (symbols list))
(flet ((do-export (symbols) (export symbols package)))
(declare (dynamic-extent #'do-export))
(call-with-interned-symbols #'do-export symbols package)))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :unexport)) (symbols list))
(flet ((do-unexport (symbols) (unexport symbols package)))
(declare (dynamic-extent #'do-unexport))
(call-with-interned-symbols #'do-unexport symbols package)))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :intern)) (symbols list))
(call-with-interned-symbols #'identity symbols package))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :intern-only)) (symbols list))
(with-package-iterator (next-symbol package :internal)
(loop (multiple-value-bind (more-p symbol) (next-symbol)
(unless more-p (return))
(unless (or (find symbol symbols :test #'string=)
(find symbol (package-shadowing-symbols package)))
(unintern symbol package))))
(when symbols
(call-with-interned-symbols #'identity symbols package))))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :import-from)) (source-and-symbols list))
(flet ((do-import (symbol) (import symbol package)))
(declare (dynamic-extent #'do-import))
(let ((source-package (first source-and-symbols))
(symbols (rest source-and-symbols)))
(if symbols
(call-with-found-symbols #'do-import symbols source-package)
(do-external-symbols (symbol source-package)
(unless (find symbol (package-shadowing-symbols package) :test #'string=)
(do-import symbol)))))))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :import-only)) (source-and-symbols list))
(with-package-iterator (next-symbol package :internal)
(loop (multiple-value-bind (more-p symbol) (next-symbol)
(unless more-p (return))
(unless (eq (symbol-package symbol) package)
(unintern symbol package))))
(when source-and-symbols
(modify-package-operation package :import-from source-and-symbols))))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :shadow)) (symbols list))
(flet ((do-shadow (symbols) (shadow symbols package)))
(declare (dynamic-extent #'do-shadow))
(when symbols
(call-with-interned-symbols #'do-shadow symbols package))))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :shadowing-import-from)) (source-and-symbols list))
(labels ((do-shadowing-import (symbol &aux accessible)
(if (setf accessible (find-symbol (string symbol) package))
(if (eq accessible symbol)
(unless (find symbol (package-shadowing-symbols package))
(shadowing-import symbol package))
(if (eq (symbol-package accessible) package)
(error "symbol already present in package: ~s: ~s: ~s" symbol accessible package)
(progn (cerror "allow new symbol to shadow accessible symbol: ~s: ~s."
(make-condition 'package-error :package package)
symbol accessible)
(shadowing-import symbol package))))
(shadowing-import symbol package)))
(do-shadowing-import-list (symbols) (dolist (symbol symbols) (do-shadowing-import symbol))))
(declare (dynamic-extent #'do-shadowing-import-list #'do-shadowing-import))
(let ((source-package (first source-and-symbols))
(symbols (rest source-and-symbols)))
(if symbols
(call-with-interned-symbols #'do-shadowing-import-list symbols source-package)
(do-external-symbols (symbol source-package)
(do-shadowing-import symbol))))))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :shadowing-import-to)) (destination-and-symbols list))
(let ((destination-package (first destination-and-symbols))
(symbols (rest destination-and-symbols)))
(labels ((do-shadowing-import (symbol &aux accessible)
(if (setf accessible (find-symbol (string symbol) destination-package))
(if (eq accessible symbol)
(unless (find symbol (package-shadowing-symbols destination-package))
(shadowing-import symbol destination-package))
(if (eq (symbol-package accessible) destination-package)
(error "symbol already present in package: ~s: ~s: ~s" symbol accessible destination-package)
(progn (cerror "allow new symbol to shadow accessible symbol: ~s: ~s."
(make-condition 'package-error :package destination-package)
symbol accessible)
(shadowing-import symbol destination-package))))
(shadowing-import symbol destination-package)))
(do-shadowing-import-list (symbols) (dolist (symbol symbols) (do-shadowing-import symbol))))
(declare (dynamic-extent #'do-shadowing-import-list #'do-shadowing-import))
(if symbols
(call-with-interned-symbols #'do-shadowing-import-list symbols package)
(do-external-symbols (symbol package)
(do-shadowing-import symbol))))))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :export-from)) (source-and-symbols list))
"Export symbols originating in the given package: (origin . designators)
If no symbols are specified, then export all external symbols."
(flet ((do-import-export (symbol) (import symbol package) (export symbol package)))
(declare (dynamic-extent #'do-import-export))
(let ((source-package (first source-and-symbols))
(symbols (rest source-and-symbols)))
(if symbols
(call-with-interned-symbols #'do-import-export symbols source-package)
;; do all and don't allow for shadowing
(do-external-symbols (symbol source-package) (do-import-export symbol))))))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :export-through)) (destination-and-symbols list))
(let ((destination-package (ensure-package (first destination-and-symbols) :if-does-not-exist :error))
(symbols (rest destination-and-symbols)))
;; the symbol may be present in the other package or may be new
(if symbols
(flet ((do-export-export (symbol) (export symbol package)
(import symbol destination-package)
(export symbol destination-package)))
(declare (dynamic-extent #'do-export-export))
(dolist (symbol symbols)
(when (setf symbol (find-symbol (string symbol) destination-package))
(import symbol package)))
(call-with-interned-symbols #'do-export-export symbols package))
;; do all and don't allow for shadowing
(do-external-symbols (symbol package)
(import symbol destination-package) (export symbol destination-package)))))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :use-only)) (packages list))
(let ((packages-used (package-use-list package)))
(when packages-used (unuse-package packages-used package)))
(use-package packages package))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :use)) (packages list))
(when packages (use-package packages package)))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :use-by)) (packages list))
(dolist (other-package packages) (use-package package other-package)))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :version)) (version cons))
(modify-package-operation package operation (first version)))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :version)) (version t))
(setf (package-version package) version))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :documentation)) (documentation cons))
#-(or (and allegro allegro-version>= (not (version>= 6 0))) clisp)
(setf (documentation package t) (first documentation))
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :documentation)) (documentation t))
#-(or (and allegro allegro-version>= (not (version>= 6 0))) clisp)
(setf (documentation package t) documentation)
(:method ((package package) (operation (eql :purge)) (argument t))
(dolist (using-package (package-used-by-list package))
(unuse-package package using-package))
(dolist (importing-package (list-all-packages))
(with-package-iterator (next-symbol importing-package :internal :external)
(loop (multiple-value-bind (more-p symbol access) (next-symbol)
(unless more-p (return))
(when (eq (symbol-package symbol) package)
(multiple-value-bind (again-symbol access) (find-symbol (symbol-name symbol) package)
(when (eq access :external) (unexport again-symbol package)))
(unintern symbol package)
(when (eq access :external)
(unexport symbol importing-package))
(unintern symbol importing-package)
(import symbol importing-package)
(when (eq access :external)
(export symbol importing-package)))))))
(when argument (delete-package package))))
(defgeneric modify-package-operation-preceeds-p (operation1 operation2)
(:method :before ((op1 (eql :purge)) (op2 t)) (error "package operation permitted alone only: ~s." op1))
(:method :before ((op2 t) (op1 (eql :purge))) (error "package operation permitted alone only: ~s." op1))
(:method :before ((op1 (eql :clear)) (op2 t)) (error "package operation permitted alone only: ~s." op1))
(:method :before ((op2 t) (op1 (eql :clear))) (error "package operation permitted alone only: ~s." op1))
(:method ((op1 t) (op2 t)) (member op2 (rest (member op1 *package-operations*)))))
(sort '(:documentation :version :export-only :export-from :export-from :export-from :export-from :export )
(defgeneric modify-package (package &rest options)
(:method ((package t) &rest args)
(apply #'modify-package (ensure-package package :if-does-not-exist :error) args))
(:method ((package string) &rest args)
(if (wild-pathname-p package)
(apply #'modify-package (find-packages package :if-does-not-exist :error) args)
(:method ((packages list) &rest args)
(dolist (package packages)
(apply #'modify-package package args)))
(:method ((package package) &rest options)
(unless (evenp (length options))
(error "illegal option list: ~s." options))
(do ((key (pop options) (pop options))
(arguments (pop options) (pop options)))
((null key))
(modify-package-operation package key arguments))
(defmacro modPackage (name-and-args &rest options)
"modify a package as specified. the options include those of defpackage.
additional specifications support inter-package operations.
if the package exists, it is destructively modified."
(let ((package-form `(ensure-package ,(string (if (consp name-and-args) (first name-and-args) name-and-args))
,@(when (consp name-and-args) (rest name-and-args)))))
(labels ((check-modpackage-option (option)
(destructuring-bind (operation . arguments) option
(unless (compute-applicable-methods #'modify-package-operation (list *package* operation arguments))
(error "illegal option: ~s not supported by ~s." (first option) #'modify-package-operation))
(case operation
`(:like '(,(string (first arguments))
,@(apply #'append
(stable-sort (mapcar #'check-modpackage-option (rest arguments))
:key #'first)))))
(list operation
(when arguments (list 'quote (mapcar #'string arguments)))))))))
`(eval-when (:execute :load-toplevel :compile-toplevel)
(modify-package ,package-form ,@(apply #'append
(stable-sort (mapcar #'check-modpackage-option options)
:key #'first)))))))
#+(and mcl digitool)
(pushnew '(modPackage . 1) *fred-special-indent-alist* :key #'first)
(de.setf.utility.documentation:defSourceForm (modPackage :class de.setf.utility.documentation:package-source :category package))
(defgeneric package-pathname (designator)
"used to transform a designator for a package location into a logical pathname - minus the file type.")
(:method ((designator string)) (logical-pathname (concatenate 'string *package-host-name* ":" (substitute #\; #\. designator))))
(:method ((pathname pathname)) pathname)
(:method ((package package)) (package-pathname (package-name package)))
(:method ((designator symbol)) (package-pathname (string-downcase (symbol-name designator)))))
(defgeneric pathname-package-name (pathname)
(:method ((pathname pathname))
(format nil "~{~a.~}~@[~a~]"
(rest (pathname-directory pathname)) (pathname-name pathname))))
(defgeneric load-package (designator)
(:method ((designator package))
(load-package (package-name designator)))
(:method ((designator symbol))
(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op designator))
(:method ((designator string))
(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op designator))
(:method ((designator t))
(load-package (package-pathname designator)))
(:method ((designator pathname))
"iterate over registerd hosts; merge the imputed pathname with the host and, where a binary or source file is found, load that file and return the pathname. where a file is found, alos look for an optional, separate, package definition file."
(let ((package-pathname (make-pathname :name (concatenate 'string (pathname-name designator) "-PACKAGE")
:defaults designator))
(truename nil)
(package-truename nil))
;; there should be a base file. if there is an additional package file, load it first
(unless (setf truename (or (probe-file (make-pathname :type *binary-type* :defaults designator))
;; heuristic to deal with case-specific logical pathnames in linux
(probe-file (string-downcase (namestring (make-pathname :type *binary-type* :defaults designator))))
(probe-file (make-pathname :type "LISP" :defaults designator))
(probe-file (string-downcase (namestring (make-pathname :type "LISP" :defaults designator))))))
(error 'package-not-found
:name (pathname-package-name designator) :pathname designator))
(when (setf package-truename (or (probe-file (make-pathname :type *binary-type* :defaults package-pathname))
(probe-file (string-downcase (namestring (make-pathname :type *binary-type* :defaults package-pathname))))
(probe-file (string-downcase (namestring (make-pathname :type "LISP" :defaults package-pathname))))
(probe-file (make-pathname :type "LISP" :defaults package-pathname))))
(load package-truename))
(load truename)
;; compare explicitly to avoid case problems
(or (let ((test-name (pathname-package-name designator)))
(dolist (package (list-all-packages))
(when (or (string-equal test-name (package-name package))
(dolist (nickname (package-nicknames package))
(when (string-equal test-name nickname) (return package))))
(return package))))
(error 'package-not-found
:name (pathname-package-name designator) :pathname truename)))))
(defgeneric edit-package (designator)
(:method ((designator t))
(edit-package (find-package designator)))
(:method ((package package))
;; perform indirectly in case the operators are not loaded
(asdf:operate 'asdf::edit-op (package-name package))))
(defgeneric ensure-package (designator &key if-does-not-exist)
(:method ((package package) &key &allow-other-keys) package)
(:method ((name symbol) &rest args)
(declare (dynamic-extent args))
(apply #'ensure-package (string name) args))
(:method ((name string) &key (if-does-not-exist :create) (if-exists t))
(let ((package (find-package name)))
(if package
(ecase if-exists
((t) package)
(ecase if-does-not-exist
(:create (delete-package package)
(make-package name :use nil))
(:load (load-package name))))
(:error (error "package exists: ~s" package)))
(ecase if-does-not-exist
(:load (load-package name))
(:error (error 'package-not-found :name name :pathname nil))
(:create (make-package name :use nil)))))))
(defun purge-package (package &optional (delete-p t))
"dissolve all dependancies upon the package and delete it. where it is used by another package, unuse it.
where a symbol has been imported, if it is still present in the argument package. move it to the importing package."
(modify-package-operation package :purge delete-p))
(defun clean-package (package &aux (count 0))
"remove any uninterned symbols from the package"
(setf package (find-package package))
(with-package-iterator (next-symbol package :external :internal)
(loop (multiple-value-bind (next-p symbol accessibility) (next-symbol)
(unless next-p (return))
(unless (symbol-package symbol)
(when (eq :external accessibility)
(unexport symbol package))
(unintern symbol package)
(incf count))))
(values package count)))
(defmacro check-feature (feature)
"ensure that a compiled file is loaded in the same environemnt in which it was compiled."
(if (find feature *features*)
`(unless (find ,feature *features* :test #'string-equal)
(warn "compile-time feature missing upon load: ~s: ~s." ',feature *load-pathname*))
`(when (find ,feature *features* :test #'string-equal)
(warn "compile-time non-feature present upon load: ~s: ~s." ',feature *load-pathname*))))
(defparameter *package-version-indicator-name* (string '#:*PACKAGE-VERSION*))
(defun package-version (&optional (designator *package*) &aux version-indicator package)
"if provided a package designator, returns the values of the version identifier in that package. if provided the value t, returns a plist of package names and version values."
(if (eq designator t)
(remove nil (mapcar #'(lambda (package)
(multiple-value-bind (version package)
(package-version package)
(when version
(cons (package-name package) version))))
(if (setf package (find-package designator))
(values (when (and (setf version-indicator (find-symbol *package-version-indicator-name* package))
(boundp version-indicator))
(symbol-value version-indicator))
(defun (setf package-version) (version designator &aux version-indicator package)
(setf package (find-package designator))
(assert (packagep package))
(setf version-indicator (intern *package-version-indicator-name* package))
(setf (symbol-value version-indicator) version))
(provide :de.setf.utility.package)
;(trace (setf package-version))