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Lispbuilder, or Common Lisp Application Builder, is an umbrella project that provides cross-platform packages for building large, interactive applications in Common Lisp. The most notable of these is lispbuilder-sdl, a wrapper for SDL, a library commonly used for game development. Other packages provide 3D graphics and animation, networking, text processing, and other miscellaneous functionality.


Quickstart for Ubuntu

Assuming you have a Common Lisp implementation with Quicklisp installed, run the following to install and run a lispbuilder-sdl example.

$ sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev
$ sbcl # or your own Lisp
* (ql:quickload :lispbuilder-sdl-examples)
* (sdl-examples:mandelbrot)


All packages can be installed with Quicklisp. Dependencies which are C/C++ libraries must be installed separately.

Game and Multimedia Development

  • lispbuilder-sdl: SDL game and multimedia library.
    • Straightforward event loop, supporting either event polling or event waiting,
    • Many graphics drawing primitives,
    • Bitmap and vector graphic support,
    • Load diverse image types,
    • Play samples and stream music including mp3 and OGG,
    • Bitmap and True type font support.
  • lispbuilder-openrm: OpenRM 3d scene graph
  • lispbuilder-cal3d: Cal3d character animation
  • lispbuilder-opengl: deprecated, use cl-opengl instead
    • Note: OpenGL by itself does not provide windowing support; lispbuilder-sdl can be used with cl-opengl to provide windowing support for OpenGL

Text Processing

  • lispbuilder-regex: Regular expression support
  • lispbuilder-clawk: Awk in CL
  • lispbuilder-lexer: Lex in CL
  • lispbuilder-yacc: Yacc in CL


  • lispbuilder-net: deprecated, use usocket instead


  • lispbuilder-windows: windows.h wrapper


Lispbuilder provides a range of libraries for developing useful portable Common Lisp applications



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