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Removed double definition.

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1 parent 975abd1 commit 378397d39988edc64336521d5ab149824a7e497e Morgan Veyret committed Dec 28, 2009
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@@ -16,19 +16,6 @@
(setf gl-get-proc-address #'glop-glx:glx-get-proc-address)
-;;; Execute BODY with floating-point traps disabled. This seems to be
-;;; necessary on (at least) Linux/x86-64 where SIGFPEs are signalled
-;;; when creating making a GLX context active.
-#+(and sbcl x86-64)
-(defmacro without-fp-traps (&body body)
- `(sb-int:with-float-traps-masked (:invalid :divide-by-zero)
- ,@body))
-;;; Do nothing on Lisps that don't need traps disabled.
-#-(and sbcl x86-64)
-(defmacro without-fp-traps (&body body)
- `(progn ,@body))
(defstruct (x11-window (:include window))
display ;; X display ptr
screen ;; X screen number

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