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2011 January Lispy Game Jam

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The 2011 January Lispy Game Jam is a fun, seven-day, online challenge for lisp hackers to produce computer games using a lisp variant.

The Chosen Theme

  • Thematic: Restaurant
  • Gameplay: Side scrolling
  • Technical: No bitmap (image files)

When and where

  • The event is penciled in to start on the 10th January (exact time TBC), and will run for 7 days.
  • The competition is entirely run online. Chat about it on IRC at #lispgames on and follow lispgames on Twitter.

How to enter

  • Build a game using a lisp language while the competition is on, and publish it somewhere.
  • Register on this wiki and add your details below by the day before the competition, currently Sunday, January 9th.


  • Use a lisp variant as the primary language to build your game within the chosen theme. That can include Common Lisp, Scheme, Clojure, Emacs Lisp, or even your own lisp-like invention. The rest of the technology is up to you.


The theme will probably involve three elements, a combination of; one thematic, one gameplay & one technical, as outlined here. Remember all themes are open to your interpretation, creativity is king.

Please add your theme element suggestions below (N.B. A random combination will be selected for the competition)

Love, Animals, Magic, Christmas, Living dead, Restaurant, Tanks, Darkness, Fairies, Fantasy, Gold, Turtles, Space, Disease, War, Black and White, Sport, Vikings, Sci-Fi, Yellow
Minimal interaction, Management, Realtime, Turn-based, Side scrolling, Sidekick (co-pilot AI character or Player 2), Survival, One Life, Regeneration, Vertical, Character development, Economy
Never the same play twice, Same game everytime, Things break if you hit them, Everything respawns, One of the powerups/items reverses the controls, Hexagonal maps, Constant speeding up of gameplay, No bitmap (image files), Procedural generation, Action Replay, World Wide Web, Minimal application deployment, Significant Audio


List your name if you are considering entering the competition. You may enter at any time, but we would like to get a measure of interest before the commencement of the competition.

List details below:

  • Clonkadonk, by Marcus "schmrkc" Eskilsson.
  • Littleedge Game Cauldron, Michael "Guthur" Compton
  • Pulp, by Eric "ericbb" Bergstrome. Postmortem
  • Puzzle Dance Party Extreme --- David O'Toole, source here --- Postmortem
  • Something Shiny, by Brian "wubo" Taylor
  • A game-like, by Lyndon "humasect" Tremblay
  • --, by Daniel "valium97592" Valio
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