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This wiki is hosted on Github, and is editable by any registered user. The lispgames Github organization account is controlled by these people: (who may also be reached on IRC).


Control of the domain belongs to the lispgames commons. It is currently maintained by arbscht with a Gandi account.

The domain is manually renewed on a 1-year basis every November (just in case!). Registration of the domain can be transferred to any other volunteer after discussion among the #lispgames community on IRC. For convenience, currently funding is not shared and there is no formal management process. Try the #lispgames IRC channel or contact the maintainer for domain-related technical support.


There is Twitter account called @lispgames which is currently maintained by borodust. This also belongs to the lispgames commons and is available for any volunteer(s) to take over.


A lispgames wiki grew out of the #lispgames IRC channel circa 2010, and was on a MediaWiki instance hosted by sykopomp. Around 2015, this Github copy of the same content was prepared as a better-maintained and more accessible instance. In January 2016, this became the nominal website and wiki.

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