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Several people have independently discussed and worked toward creating user-friendly game creation IDE's with Lisp. Such an IDE might have the following features:

  • Integrated Game Engines.
  • Lisp code editing, browsing/folding, execution, debugging. GNU Emacs and SLIME are useful here, but other approaches are possible.
  • Easy installation on any platform. QuickLisp and Blackthorn Starter Pack are candidates.
  • Engine-agnostic AssetManagement. See also Org-babel.
  • Workflow management. See Org mode.
  • Editing assets of various types through either included code (for example engine-specific content editors), or by working with external programs like GIMP and Audacity.
  • Easy exchange of different asset packs with included metadata.
Benefits could include:
  • Lower barrier to entry for creators
  • Eliminating platform lock-in for creators
  • Rapid development/prototyping
  • Easy to cross-compile self-contained .EXE, .DMG, AppImage
  • Building cross-platform game creation communities
  • More games
IDE proposals:
  • dto is working on Blocky
  • WarWeasle is working on the Qix universal media editor.
  • Your project link here...
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