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IMAGO is an image manipulation library for Common Lisp. It offers:

  • Image data structures
  • File loading/saving in various formats
  • Image manipulation functionalities
IMAGO is distributed under the terms of the Lisp Lesser General Public License ( LLGPL).

Unlike cl-devil, IMAGO is written in Lisp, so there are no external C dependencies to worry about.

Current Status

  • Supported file formats: PNG, PNM, TGA.
  • Macros for iteration over images, regions, lines.
  • Convolution-based filters: blur, sharpen, edge detect, emboss, user-defined.
  • Composition: basic (replacing pixels).
  • Conversions: RGB / indexed / grayscale.
  • Drawing: point, line, rectangle, circle.
  • Misc. operations: copy (image or region), flip, resize, scale.


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