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Open source

  • sucle is a 3D Minecraft Clone
  • Lispstone is an arcade card game written in Common Lisp using cl-sdl2.
  • sudoku-lisp is a simple sudoku player written in Common Lisp using lispbuilder-sdl.
  • 2x0ng is dto's new puzzle game, the sequel to Xong.
  • PerfectStorm is a real time strategy game study written in Common Lisp.
  • option-9 is a Shoot'Em Up Game written in Common Lisp.
  • Xconq is a free strategy game that uses GDL (a declarative Lisp-like syntax) to define its war scenarios.
  • Common Worm
  • Starwar
  • trivial-snake is a snake clone game written in Common Lisp using trivial-gamekit.
  • Pelúsica is a 2D action music game that is available on Linux, macOS, Windows and in the browser.


Some games written using lisp-family languages.

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