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LispPak is an asset packaging format for use in exchanging asset files and metadata between various game engines, asset editors, version control and Digital AssetManagement systems, and other UsefulApplications.

A LispPak is a collection of related asset chunks (i.e. files) together with metadata about the chunks. The metadata define such attributes as media type, file format, encoding, language, licensing information, and so on. These attribute values are called properties, and are stored in a .PAK file alongside the described files. Chunk files can be in any format, binary or text. Chunk properties can follow the Dublin Core categories if desired, or include application-specific metadata for use by game engines or editors. Standard tools can be used to package asset directories with their corresponding PAK files into single-file compressed archives for easier interchange. Both Emacs Lisp and Common Lisp code are included to help you add PAK support to your applications.

  • LispPaks are self-contained.
  • LispPaks are interchangeable.
  • LispPaks are remix-friendly.
See lisppak at for more details.

Currently used only in XE2 and Xiomacs.

A few entries from Xong's PAK file:

 (:name ".default-font" :type :font :properties (:height 14 :width 7) :data "7x14b")
 (:name "explode" :type :sample :file "explode.wav" :properties (:volume 10))
 (:name "player" :type :image :file "player.png")
 (:name "player-empty" :type :image :file "player-empty.png")
 (:name "gate-open" :type :image :file "gate-open.png")
 (:name "gate-closed" :type :image :file "gate-closed.png")
 (:name "bulkhead" :type :image :file "bulkhead.png")
 (:name "wire-east" :type :image :file "wire-right.png")
 (:name "wire-south" :type :alias :data ":rotate 90:wire-east")
 (:name "wire-west" :type :alias :data ":rotate 90:wire-south")
 (:name "wire-north" :type :alias :data ":rotate 90:wire-west")
 (:name "bounce" :type :sample :file "bounce.wav" :properties (:volume 8))
 (:name "sparqq" :type :music :file "sparqq.ogg" :properties (:volume 100))
 (:name "voronoia" :type :music :file "voronoia.ogg" :properties (:volume 100))
 (:name "invierov" :type :music :file "invierov.ogg" :properties (:volume 100))
 (:name "player-lisp" :type :lisp :file "player.lisp" :properties (:autoload t))
 (:name "enemy-lisp" :type :lisp :file "enemy.lisp" :properties (:autoload t))
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