Non Lisp Specific Resources

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Many challenges in game development are relevant to all languages. The links below are not necessarily about Lisp but may be very useful. These links are those that are suitably lisp agnostic or are written in another language entirely.

Table of Contents

Functional Game Programming


Procedural Media Generation

Pages of Links

Some people have collected a fantastic swathe of links themselves. Rather than reproduce them all here go have a gander at their sites.


Some code is so well written it can be read for inspiration for your own Lisp projects, if you want to see working implementations of game elements, see the following

  • Ogre3D Ogre is written in c++ and is incredibly clean and readable as well as being open source.


Games are made of math! The better grasp you have on how the maths works, the easier some of the mental juggling of game mechanics can be.


Although there isn't much lisp specific info in the sites below, many issues crop up in all languages so these are worth a gander.


Unfortunately, unless you are some kind of digital bloodhound, you may struggle to piece together all the disparate information regarding game development online. Sometimes you just can't beat a good book.

Interesting Paper References

These papers are of neat, interesting, or seminal works concerning the field of computer graphics, game design, game theory, mathematics, sound, sound design, art materials and techniques, and anything else related to game design in all aspects.

If a paper describes an algorithm and it states it is patent free, it should be notated in the linked description. Also, please denote the year of the paper.



The Rendering Pipeline this is a near unparalled resourse on how your GL/DirectX and your GPU are doing stuff. This is still relevent today (2016)

Polygonization of Voxel Fields a big improvement over marching cubes

Tonemapping really nice code samples for tonemapping


A big thank-you to all those who wrote the articles and compiled link pages (big shout out to ogre wiki also which has been the source for a load of the above)