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The Qix Universal Media Editor is an experimental, three-dimensional development and productivity tool. Simply, it is Emacs abstracted to to edit text, 2D & 3D graphics, and sound. As such it is meant to be a media editor. It uses Pango for text rendering, Cairo for vector graphics, FreeImage for bitmaps, OpenGL for 3D, and SDL for the rest. I'm currently working on a REPL inside the 3D environment.


  • A WYSIWYG environment for text, rich text, pictures, and 3D.
  • A simple interface for displaying and updating data.
  • A stand alone development environment.
  • A single application for displaying and editing various forms of data.
There are some pictures of my work so far on my user page User:WarWeasle and my blog: Lisp-Qix.

Here is a graph explaining how text and lists become 3D objects which can be displayed. Remember, this is only the data (which can contain Lisp code) and doesn't include the Qix code itself.