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Urn is a lisp dialect developed by SquidDev and demhydraz which focuses on minimalism. It compiles down to a standalone Lua file (works on 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 and JIT) which can be ran from the command line or in any program that has a Lua scripting environment. It has many modern features and a well-documented compiler interface and standard library.


It is possible to write Löve2D games in Urn using the Bindings. Here is an example of how you make a "Hello, world!" program for Löve2D using Urn:

(import love/love (defevent))
(import love/graphics)

(defevent :draw ()
  (love/graphics/print "Hello World" 400 300))

Save this as main.lisp, then do the following steps:

$ git clone love
$ urn main.lisp -o main
$ love .

Now your game is up and running!


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