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I'm Andreas W.

On freenode (IRC), my nickname is add^_.


I have been using lisp languages (Common Lisp, Scheme and Racket mostly) since around 2008.

I use SBCL; C; GNU Guile for Scheme; Racket; and Emacs 24. All on (K)Ubuntu GNU/Linux (This is subject to change every so often).


I've never *really* finished a game-project of mine, at most I've made a platforming... thing that you could move around on. I'm probably known to drop projects because of my limited attention-span and patience, but I always keep the ideas around just in case.

I've been playing Minecraft since Alpha, nowadays modded. I've also watched a ton of let's plays of different games, like Final Fantasy I-IX and The Legend of Zelda.


Why lisp for making games? Because it's a rapid development programming language, with nothing less than powerful macros which have the ability to extend the language. It have an awesome community, of course, not as huge as Python, C or even Java, but it's friendly (doesn't apply to trolls, as per usual) and very helpful as long as your questions aren't obviously easy to answer with the help from a search engine. And most of all, it's fun and a good way to learn new things.


Of course, if you haven't already noticed, I took the "template" for this page from Arbscht, thank you Arbscht!

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