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I'm Abhishek Reddy. Visit my website or follow me on or Twitter.

On IRC, my nickname is arbscht.

Currently, I curate the lispgames Twitter account.


I have been using lisp languages since 2005.

I use ECL, CLISP, CCL or SBCL for CL; Clojure on OpenJDK; and Emacs 23. All on Debian GNU/Linux.


I once wrote a very small implementation of Snake in Clojure. Amusingly, the idea of exemplifying Clojure with Snake caught on in the community, leading to the inclusion of a better Snake implementation in Stu Halloway's book.

Sometimes, I play modified Quake III-based games. For a while, I helped run a hosting service for such games in Australia/NZ.

Lately I have been watching Starcraft II games, and find the concept of e-sports intriguing.

I believe there are huge untapped opportunities for free-software gaming, and that the productivity capacity of lisps can help realize that.

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