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Sharps edited this page Sep 13, 2013 · 4 revisions

Hey, my name is Sharps and I'm doing demoscene related stuff in lisp, which overlaps with game coding in quite a few ways. No releases yet, I'll link them on pouet when I've got something out there.

Currently I'm working on an engine in Common Lisp, using cl-glfw for windowing/events/opengl-context and cl-opengl for rendering. I've got CFFI bindings to BASSMOD in development, due for release soon, poke me if you're interested.

Eventually I'm planning to evolve my demoengine into a live-coding platform. Livecoding looks like great fun, but although there's Scheme tools for it (Impromptu, Fluxus), I want a Common Lisp one. Besides, I think there are better ways to do livecoding audio than what Impromptu and Fluxus provide.

Oh, and I hate spambots.

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