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A DLNA interface (PS3) for the SmugMug photo hosting service.
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smugmug-pms3 is a ps3mediaserver DLNA plugin for the SmugMug photo hosting service. With a Play Station 3 and SmugMug account, you can view your entire SmugMug photo collection on your TV.


ps3mediaserver (the BETA version).


Unpack the smugmug-pms3 ZIP archive into your ps3mediaserver directory. This will unpack the required libraries into ps3mediaserver's plugin directory (you do not need to create a sub directory before unpacking).

Start ps3mediaserver. On the General Configuration tab you should see SmugMug listed in the plugins section.


Configuration is done via simple properties file. Create a file named in your user home directory (%USERPROFILE% on Windows, $HOME on GNU/Linux/Unix) and list your accounts within it. e.g.

# required

# either the email & password pair or a nickname is required

# optional, to login for "Owner View" of your account
# otherwise you'll see the "Visitor View"

# optional, the nickname of the account to display
# if not set, you default to your login account

# optional, default is nickname or email

# optional, default is Large
# Original, X3Large, X2Large, XLarge, Large, Medium, Small, Thumb, Tiny

You can find your API key on the Control Panel page on SmugMug when you login.


Edit and set the directory which contains pms.jar (included in ps3mediaserver). Then run Ant:

ant dist

Copyright (C) 2010 Matthew Kennedy

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