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Developer Notes


Currently, smugmug-pms3 is developed with ps3mediaserver trunk. Checkout the ps3mediaserver project from SVN:

svn co

Build ps3mediaserver as per its own instructions. Usually all that is required is the invocation of "ant" in the source directory.

Checkout the smugmug-pms3 using Git:

git clone git://

Create a file in your home directory (i.e. ~/, which corresponds to Java'a ${user.home}). Set the full path to the ps3mediaserver source, e.g.:


Alternatively, you can edit the file in the source directory of smugmug-pms3.

To build smugmug-pms3, invoke "ant" in the smugmug-pms3 source directory:

ant deploy

This will compile the source, create a JAR file containing the plugin and finally deploy it in PMS3's plugin directory.

IntelliJ Configuration

  • Checkout both code bases as above.
  • Create an empty project
  • Create a module for ps3mediaserver
  • Create a module for smugmug-pms3
  • Adjust ps3mediaserver module dependencies so that it depends on smugmug-pms3 as a "provided" dependency
  • Adjust smugmug-pms3 module dependencies so that it depends on ps3mediaserver as a "compile" dependency
  • Ensure the lib directory of smugmug-pms3 is included as an IntelliJ "library" for the smugmug-pms3 module

Copyright (C) 2011 Matthew Kennedy

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