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This is a full featured yet fast vim configuration. It doesn't do any processing unless you ask. The keymapping aggregates commands from various plugins into logical groups as follows:


  1. Backup your .vimrc and .vim files

  2. Copy my .vimrc into your home directory

  3. Grab the wombat color scheme

  4. Setup Vundle:

     $ git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vundle
  5. Start MacVim and run :BundleInstall.

Running Things

If you open a tmux terminal alongside MacVim then you can run commands, tests, and a REPL from your vim selections.

To use these commands you'll need to note the session, window, and pane of your running tmux. For instance, these might be 0, bash, and 0 respectively. The first time you run ,rs it will prompt you for this information. You can change it thereafter with ,rv.

,rsSend selected text to tmux
,rvChange tmux session, window, and pane attachment
,rTRun all tests in open feature
,rtRun test under cursor


,tuGenerate or update ctags
,ttOpen list of methods, classes, etc
C-]Go to definition/step of word
C-\Find all uses of word under cursor


,g?Last-committed files (Monday morning key)
,gsGit status (fugitive)
,ggGit grep
,glGit log (extradition)
,gdGit diff
,gbGit blame


\\Toggle selection as commented


,a=Align on equal signs
,a,Align on commas
,a|Align on vertical bar
,apAlign on character of your choice


vaiSelect whole block at indentation
viiSelect inside block at indentation
varSelect whole Ruby block
virSelect inside Ruby block


,2sConvert symbol under cursor from symbol to string
,2yConvert string under cursor from string to symbol
,2_Convert string under cursor to snake_case
,2cConvert string under cursor to camelCase
,2mConvert string under cursor to MixedCase
,2uConvert string under cursor to SNAKE_UPPERCASE
,2-Convert string under cursor to dash-case


,uInteractive undo tree
,ssEnable spell checking
,eOpen file prompt with current path
,<cr>Clear search highlights
<C-s>Toggle nerd tree, find file
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