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18 lines (18 sloc) 0.881 kb do |s| = "suprails"
s.version = "0.1" = "2008-10-18"
s.authors = ["Bradley Grzesiak"] = ""
s.summary = 'Suprails provides a wrapper to the rails command'
s.homepage = ''
s.files = [ "README", "COPYING", "TODO", "lib/db.rb", "lib/facet.rb", "lib/gems.rb", "lib/runner.rb", "lib/suprails.rb", "facets/haml.rb", "bin/suprails", ".suprails.example"]
s.executables << "suprails"
s.add_dependency 'rails', '>= 0'
s.description = <<-EOF
This project is intended to be a replacement for the "rails" command. It
does not replace the rails framework but rather provides a starting point
for a rails application far beyond what the "rails" command provides.
During execution, in fact, the suprails command calls the rails command.
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