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TexLive Docker Images

Build Status

This repository holds the Dockerfiles that are used to build Docker images of TexLive.


There are 2 images:

  • listx/texlive:2017
  • listx/texlive:2017-fonts

. The first only has TexLive on it; the second one has everything in the first, plus all official Arch Linux font packages (have a look at the Dockerfile directly for the full list). Grab the first image, for example, like this:

docker pull listx/texlive:2017

. The simplest way is to mount the folder holding your TeX files (e.g., your $HOME folder) into the container:

docker run --detach --rm --volume /home:/home --name texlive2017 listx/texlive:2017

. Now you can either (1) start a shell session inside the container to run something like xelatex, or (2) just run your TeX project's build comman (if you have, e.g., a Makefile set up for it). For (1), you can do

docker exec --interactive --tty texlive2017 bash'

. For (2), you can do something like

docker exec --interactive --tty texlive2017 sh -c 'cd /home/foo/my_tex_project && pdftex foo.tex'

. If you don't like the fact that processes inside the container run as the root user, you can change this by creating your own custom image on top of these images, like this:

FROM listx/texlive:2017-fonts

# Give 'foo' sudo access.
RUN echo '%foo ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL' >> /etc/sudoers \
	&& groupadd -g 1000 foo \
	&& useradd -m -N -u 1000 -g foo foo
USER foo

. The above image creates a user named foo, and so all processes will run as foo inside this container. So, instead of files having user/group ownership as root:root, they will now be foo:foo. If the uid/gid of 1000 is also the same as your host system for your current user (let's say, bar), then your host will see new files created by the container as owned by bar (whereas they will be owned by foo /inside/ the container). You could, of course, decide to match up not just the user/group name but also the uid/gid as well to make it all the same.

An example of this image type is in the texlive-with-fonts-and-user folder.


See LICENSE file.