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A HipChat adapter for Lita.
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lita-hipchat is an adapter for Lita that allows you to use the robot with HipChat.


Add lita-hipchat to your Lita instance's Gemfile:

gem "lita-hipchat"


Values for all of the following attributes can be found on the "XMPP/Jabber info" page of the account settings on the HipChat website. A JID (Jabber ID) looks like "".

Required attributes

  • jid (String) - The JID of your robot's HipChat account. Default: nil.
  • password (String) - The password for your robot's HipChat account. Default: nil.

Optional attributes

  • server (String) - The HipChat Server address. Override this with the full domain of your server if using a private HipChat Server installation. Default: ""
  • debug (Boolean) - If true, turns on the underlying Jabber library's (xmpp4r) logger, which is fairly verbose. Default: false.
  • DEPRECATED - rooms (Symbol, Array) - An array of room JIDs that Lita should join upon connection. Can also be the symbol :all, which will cause Lita to discover and join all rooms. Default: nil (no rooms).
  • muc_domain (String) - The XMPP Multi-User Chat domain to use. Default: "".
  • ignore_unknown_users (Boolean) - Messages generated through HipChat's API which don't come from a real user account will be ignored by the robot. With the default setting of false, Lita will emit a warning but the message will be dispatched to any registered handlers as usual. Default: false.

Note: You must set the robot's name to the value shown as "Room nickname" on the XMPP settings page.

There's no need to set config.robot.mention_name manually. The adapter will load the proper mention name from the XMPP roster upon connection.


Lita.configure do |config| = "Lita Bot"
  config.robot.adapter = :hipchat
  config.adapters.hipchat.jid = ""
  config.adapters.hipchat.password = "secret"
  config.adapters.hipchat.debug = true
  config.adapters.hipchat.rooms = :all


  • :connected - When the robot has connected to HipChat. No payload.
  • :disconnected - When the robot has disconnected from HipChat. No payload.
  • :joined - When the robot joins a room. Payload: :room: The String room ID that was joined.
  • :parted - When the robot parts from a room. Payload: :room: The String room ID that was parted from.

Managing rooms

To make Lita join or part from rooms, use the built-in join and part commands. For backwards compatibility, the rooms configuration attribute will be supported until lita-hipchat 4.0, but you should remove it and begin using the new command instead. If the configuration attribute is set, lita-hipchat will honor its value and join those rooms instead of the ones persisted to Redis from using the new commands.

NOTE: You must be a member of the config.robot.admins to use the build in join and part commands**



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