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a redis client library for erlang
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erl-redis is redis client library for erlang. you can get much more information about redis at


$ make test
$ make
$ make install

the make install statement will install the redis library into the $ERL_TOP/lib/ directory (kernel, stdlib also in that directory). now you can use the redis client in your application.


the redis application is working like the standard erlang library. e.g. sasl, crypto, inets. you must call application:start(redis) when you want to use redis client. the erl redis application will manager the connections with redis server automatically.

single server: redis_app:start(), % application:start(redis) ok = redis:single_server(localhost, 6379), % or ok = redis:single_server(localhost, 6379, 5), % connection pool is 5 % or ok = redis:single_server(localhost, 6379, 5, "pwd"), % connection pool is 5, passwd is "pwd" redis:exists("key").

consistent servers: redis_app:start(), Servers = [{localhost, 6379, 3}, {localhost, 6380, 5}], ok = redis:multi_servers(Servers). % or ok = redis:multi_servers(Servers, "pwd"). % passwd is "pwd" redis:exists("key").

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