the script to generate an erlang app skeleton
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the script to generate an erlang application skeleton. the app template is in the directory.



will print the help info

./gen_app AppName [Option]
-a             author info (e.g. litaocheng)
-c             copyright info (e.g.
-m             email info (e.g.
-o             application output path. default is current path

the application name, must be an erlang atom (e.g. demo, hello)


./gen-app demo

will create an application named demo in the current directory.

./gen-app demo2 -a litaocheng -c -m -o /tmp/

will create an applicaton named demo2 in the /tmp directory. the application author is litaocheng, the copyright is owned to, the develper email is, the output path is /tmp/