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LitDev Extension for Small Basic


Microsoft Small Basic is a free simplified programming language for children and adults to get started learning to program.

This project is an extension for Small Basic and has has loads of extra functionality with over 55 new objects and over 1000 methods, properties and events; including 2D physics, 3D rendering, controls, dialogs, graphing, statistics, matrices, lists, sorting and searching (Regex), faster arrays, USB and COM connection, SQLite, MySQL, SqlServer, OleDb and Odbc databases, webcam, multiple GraphicsWindows, scrollbars, image processing, date and time handling, debugger, client-server interaction, encryption, clipboard, extended music and sound recording, parse xml, file zip and ftp, asynchronous and argument subroutine calls, inline C# and javascript code and lots more.


Small Basic About Small Basic and download

Small Basic Forum MSDN forum for Small Basic

LitDev My Small Basic site with additional resources, documentation and samples

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