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ProjectEdison Overview

The process for notifying authorities of an emergency is standardized and dates to the 1960s. The process for communicating into a crisis to the people affected, however, is fragmented and not optimized. Project Edison, a Safe Buildings solution, is a platform designed to manage this process and a way to speak into and monitor areas during a crisis event.

The platform allows a way to receive events from a centralized communication hub or from an Edge based gateway to alert people in crisis. For example, let’s consider this simple use case of a "Smart LED lightbulb” in school classrooms. If an emergency has occurred at the school, triggered by sound sensors, AI/ML, or by central administration hub alerting, the system can light the bulb red. This will give students more time to perform their safety drill to shelter in place. If the emergency has happened near the school; The system lights the bulb yellow. This is an indicator in the room that something has happened, the persons being notified are not in immediate danger and that help is on the way. Parents, using a consumer app, connected to the School’s central administration hub can receive timely and secure communication from the authorities about the emergency. This can be expanded to multiple use cases including safe communities, safe cities, safe work environmen.

The artifacts provided in this repo can be used to develop, build, deploy and manage this solution.

In addition to Smart devices that are IoT-enabled,the following components/services are also included:

  • Administration Portal Web App
  • Administration Portal Mobile App (Android and iOS)

The visual designs can be found at the links below. The password is "edison".

How to Navigate

Following documenation is also provided to help deploy, manage and use this solution


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