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BIP39 Tool

A tool for converting BIP39 mnemonic phrases to addresses and private keys.

Online Version

Standalone offline version

Download bip39-standalone.html

Open the file in a browser by double clicking it.

This can be compiled from source using the command python


Enter your BIP39 phrase into the 'BIP39 Phrase' field, or press 'Generate Random Phrase'

If required, set the derivation path, although the defaults are quite usable.

See the table for a list of addresses generated from the phrase.

Toggle columns to blank to easily copy/paste a single column of data, eg to import private keys into a wallet or supply someone with a list of addresses.

The BIP32 keys can be used at if desired.

Making changes

Please do not make modifications to bip39-standalone.html, since they will be overwritten by

Make changes in src/*.

Changes are applied during release using the command python, so please do not commit changes to bip39-standalone.html


Tests depend on

  • nodejs
  • selenium webdriver - cd /path/to/bip39/tests; npm install
  • selenium driver for firefox (geckodriver) and / or chrome (chromedriver)
  • jasmine - npm install --global jasmine

Before running tests, the site must be served at http://localhost:8000.

$ cd /path/to/bip39/src
$ python -m http.server

Run tests from the command-line

$ cd /path/to/bip39/tests
$ jasmine spec/tests.js


This LoafWallet Recovery tool is released under the terms of the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information or see This repo is a fork of

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