Provides a native build of sqlite with a low-level interface for Android libraries. Unlicense (public domain).
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Android sqlite native driver

Provides Android NDK build of sqlite3 (, public domain) with a low-level JNI interface accessible from a single (singleton) single SQLiteNative class.

Based on SQLiteGlue-core, which may be adapted for other Java platforms.

by Christopher J. Brody aka Chris Brody mailto:

License: UNLICENSE (public domain).


Android-sqlite-native-driver provides the following items:

  • single SQLiteNative class with native Java interface to an important subset of sqlite3 C functions
  • automatic build of sqlite-native-driver.jar and with sqlite3 component for major Android NDK targets (armeabi / armeabi-v7a / x86 / x86_64 / arm64-v8a), with sqlite3 component

This is accomplished by using GlueGen around a simple wrapper C module.

This project is meant to help build a higher-level sqlite interface library, with the JNI layer completely isolated.

NOTE: This project references the gluegentools and sqlite-amalgamation subprojects, which are resolved by: $ make init (as described below).

WARNING: The sqlite database and statement handles that are returned by the SQLiteNative library functions are raw C pointer values (with 0x100000000 added). If someone uses a database or statement handle that is not valid, or no longer valid with the SQLiteNative library the behavior is undefined (may crash, for example). It is NOT recommended to use the API directly without understanding of how this library works internally.

FUTURE TODO: better documentation of API and some internal details

SQLite build information

SQLite version


SQLite build flags


NOTE: Old default page/cache size values are used to avoid a "potentially disruptive change" described at:

Major TODOs and limitations


Normal build

Initialize with the gluegentools and sqlite-amalgamation subprojects:

$ make init

Then to build:

$ make

Regenerage Java & C glue code

$ make regen


Tested with Android-sqlite-connector.