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Yuri Kobets edited this page Oct 30, 2022 · 7 revisions

What is litehtml?

litehtml is lightweight HTML/CSS rendering engine. The main goal of the litehtml library is to give the developers the easy way to show the HTML pages in theirs applications. The popular HTML engines like WebKit is too complicated for some tasks. Developer must be crazy to use something like WebKit to show some tooltips or pages in HTML format.

What web standards are supported by litehtml?

I tried to make the support of HTML5/CSS3 in the litehtml. It is far from perfect, but the most HTML/CSS features are supported. Actually the appearance of HTML elements are defined by master CSS. The source code contains the master.css file as example, but you are free to use your own css. The list of the main HTML/CSS features supported by litehtml: text formating, tables, floating elements, absolute positioning, anchors, embedded styles, CSS classes, most CSS selectors etc.

What litehtml uses to draw text and images?

Nothing! litehtml gives you a full freedom for using any of your favorite libraries to draw text, images and other elements. litehtml calculates the position of the HTML elements, then it calls some functions from the user implemented class to draw elements and request some imformation required for rendering. This class is very simple and the source code have some implementations of this class to show how this works.

What platforms are supported by litehtml?

Initially litehtml was developed for Windows and was tested hard on this platform. But litehtml does not depends of any library except STL. So it is possible to use litehtml on any platform. litehtml can be compiled on linux - you can find the example in the sources.

What encodings are supported by litehtml?

litehtml uses utf-8 encoding for string. Your application have to convert the HTML page before passing it into litehtml.