Litemint is a friendly, secure, peer-to-peer wallet and marketplace service for digital currencies.
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The crypto world is limitless, explore it.

Sending and receiving crypto or selling and buying digital goods should be as simple as using your email. Built on Stellar, Litemint is a friendly multi-currency wallet and decentralized marketplace to do just that.

Discover Litemint:

  • Litemint accounts are standard, secure and compatible with all mainstream stellar services and hardware wallets. They implement mnemonic with BIP-39, universal private key derivation with SLIP-0010 and SEP-0005 and can be recovered and imported independently.

  • The marketplace is an exclusive feature allowing users to buy, sell and create merchant listings for digital goods from music to games (IAP) to ebooks. Merchants can receive payments directly. It leverages the anchor feature of Stellar.

  • Litemint allows seamless in-wallet deposits and withdrawals from partners by using federation and secure endpoints to bridge the Stellar network to external networks.

Building it Yourself


The build process uses the Google Closure Compiler and YUI Compressor which require Java 8 or higher. Follow their respective links for installation instructions.

Optionally, you can install jsdoc if you want the build script to generate the code documentation.

Build Script

  1. Download the latest Litemint source from releases.

  2. Export the compiler and compressor paths. On the command line, run the following commands:

    export COMPILER=path/to/closure-compiler.jar
    export COMPRESSOR=path/to/yui-compressor.jar

    Alternatively, you can use the --compiler and --compressor command line flags (see example below).

  3. At the root of this project, run the following command (by default, the release build is copied to the dist/ folder):


    Or use the following command to use your debug build configuration and generate the output to debug/ folder:

    ./ --debug --out=debug

    Or use the following command to build and generate the jsdoc documentation (jsdoc must be in the path):

    ./ --jsdoc=doc

    Or use the following command to specify the compiler and compressor paths:

    ./ --compiler=path/to/closure-compiler.jar --compressor=path/to/yui-compressor.jar


Got mad skills? You are welcome to contribute to Litemint!

Development on Litemint happens directly on this GitHub repository and external contributors are welcome to send pull requests which will be reviewed and discussed.

Please take a look at the Code of Conduct to learn more.

Trying to report a possible security vulnerability in Litemint? For the safe disclosure of security bugs and information about our bounty program, please send an email to

Litemint License

Litemint source code is released under the MIT License.

Copyright (c) 2019 Frederic (경진) Rezeau
Copyright (c) 2019 Litemint LLC

LITEMINT LLC owns all Litemint-related trademarks, service marks, and graphic logos and the names of all Litemint projects are trademarks of LITEMINT LLC.

Dependency Licenses

Build on the shoulders of giants!

Elliptic (Elliptic Curve Cryptography)

License MIT License
Local Modifications Modified to expose the hash cryptography primitives

aes-js (Advanced Encryption Standard)

License MIT License
Local Modifications None


License MIT License
Local Modifications None


License The Unlicense
Local Modifications None


License Apache-2.0 License
Local Modifications None


License MIT License
Local Modifications None


License MIT License
Local Modifications None


License Apache-2.0 License
Local Modifications None


License MIT License
Local Modifications None


License MIT License
Local Modifications None