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Commits on Jan 31, 2012
@alkemist alkemist Don't create domain objects on demand just by property reference
This change slipped in. I didn't intend to change this functionality.
@szczepiq szczepiq Reverted changes to the daemon logging / test infrastructure until th…
…e build is stable.
Commits on Feb 01, 2012
@alkemist alkemist Reinstate the dynamic creation of container elements via property ref…

The problem is actually the change to support propertyMissing() via our dynamic stuff. What happens is that as a property request bubbling up the closure chain we now actually invoke getProperty() and catching the MPE instead of just using hasProperty(). This means that if any of the owners have a container configuration delegate then it is going to be interpreted as a creation request.

I suspect this means I'll end up backing out the propertyMissing() support unless I can think of a way to disable this.

For now I'm fixing the failing tests to see what other problems this causes.
@alkemist alkemist Delegate our dynamic calls directly to the GroovyObject interface ins…
…tead of going via the meta class, unless the object is also DynamicObjectAware.

It turns out that some groovy objects (I'm looking at you Closure) have custom logic in their getProperty()/setProperty() methods that is invisible to the meta class.
@alkemist alkemist Don't treat DynamicObject's as groovy objects and unwrap invocation e…
…xceptions for wrapped groovy objects.
@szczepiq szczepiq Improved the test infrastructure WRT logging:
1. daemon integ tests now run with info level unless the log level was expliciltly configured.
2. fixed various tests so that they work if they are ran with info level (should also work with debug). This involved:
- tweaking the output scraping logic to correctly find executed tasks (previous behavior was finding redundant tasks when --info/--debug used), and to correctly find skipped tasks (previous behavior only worked if ran with 'lifecycle' level).
- tightening the deprecation finding assertion. Previous behaviour only matched 'deprecated' string which was eagerly matched against things like 'sonar-deprecated.jar' or 'deprecated-list.html', etc. I changed the string to ' deprecated' because it seems majority of our deprecation warnings will fall into that (e.g. 'is deprecated', 'has been deprecated', etc.). It's a simple tweak but should give enough confidence and makes many tests runnable with --info.
@szczepiq szczepiq Changed the Jvm algorightm fpr finding the executables:
-We no longer delegate to ant. This means less dependencies but (very unlikely) might be a breaking change.
-We discover javaHome on creation of the Jvm object. This is much cleaner now.
-We use the same algorithm for finding executables as for finding other things (tools.jar, etc)
-If executable cannot be found with user-supplied java home we fail with a decent exception
-If executable cannot be found with default java home:
-- we search it on the path.
-- if it is not on the path we assume it can be ran in a current folder (backwards compatibility) and print a warning.
@szczepiq szczepiq Some fixes after the peer review (using apilinks and GradleConnector-…
@szczepiq szczepiq Fixed the javadoc in the GradleLauncher - it is no longer the main en…
…try point to embed Gradle (the Tooling API is).
@szczepiq szczepiq Added a timeout for a test that can end up deadlocked. b7da251
@szczepiq szczepiq Minor fix to the Jvm so that it's more consistent with previous behav…
…ior. We look for tools jar and runtime jar based on the supplied java location VS using the discovered java location.
@szczepiq szczepiq Added missing coverage for the Jvm (stuff exposed by failing sonar te…
@szczepiq szczepiq Made the toString() in the Jvm class more accurate. ed79493
@szczepiq szczepiq Updated the idea metadata generation lifecycle info based on what we'…
…ve done for Eclipse a week ago.
@szczepiq szczepiq Bumped down the log level for a message that isn't really a warning. …
…This should also avoid some problems with running samples' tests.
Commits on Feb 02, 2012
@alkemist alkemist Allow the concrete type of a domain object container to be different …
…to its advertised type.
@alkemist alkemist building out reporting infrastructure. 55bb8bd
@alkemist alkemist Added new reporting bits to codenarc task as an example, in a backwar…
…ds compatible way.

None of the semantics of the task have changed; the new reports dsl has merely been added.
@alkemist alkemist Some specific test for the new reporting DSL 708eb5a
@alkemist alkemist Fixed imports. 2484a62
@alkemist alkemist Fix some checkstyle issues. 0677629
@alkemist alkemist replace package-info.groovy with 682c70f
@alkemist alkemist checkstyle fixes. 0008920
@alkemist alkemist remove unused var 9ffad64
@alkemist alkemist Add missing docs. 30cccdb
@breskeby breskeby GRADLE-2060 fixed handling of -Dgradle.user.home
The priority sequence for setting gradle user home is now:
	1. -g / --gradle-user-home=...
	2. -Dgradle.user.home=... system property passed via cmdLine
	3. gradle.user.home system property
	4. GRADLE_USER_HOME environment variable
@breskeby breskeby GRADLE-2060 add test that -g option takes precedence over…
…er.home cmdLine parameter
@szczepiq szczepiq Added various trace to the daemon logging mostly. 75f1b49
@szczepiq szczepiq Made checkstyle happy fe0234b
@alkemist alkemist Added a “quickCheck” task that hackily modifies the start parameter t…
…o set up a quick check of the project, for pre commit.
@szczepiq szczepiq Slowly enabling the daemon lifecycle spec on windows. Exploded some c…
…overage to separate tests and made first step towards reducing duplication.
Peter Niederwieser handle -deprecation, -bootclasspath, -extdirs command line options fo…
…r Java compilers
unknown Merge branch 'sf-daemon' 1216e90
unknown Removed heap dump location from our test executer for now as it hurts…
… running on windows
@szczepiq szczepiq Ignored a test not yet ready for windows. f165236
@breskeby breskeby GRADLE-1774 fixed project properties with equals
  - introduced AbstractPropertiesCommandLineConverter for handling
	property based cmdline options.
  - extracted logic from SystemPropertiesCommandLineConverter to
  - introduced ProjectPropertiesCommandLineConverter for projectProperties
@szczepiq szczepiq Selectively enabled certain tests in the LifecycleSpec. I've ran them…
… dozens of time on windows and they seem to be stable. The CI build will show if that's the case.
@breskeby breskeby fixed jumble letters in userguides customPlugins chapter 10b426c
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Fixed -d output, and tightened up the LoggingIntegrationTest. 4606f68
@bigdaz bigdaz Changed WrapperProjectIntegrationTest to actually download the distri…
…bution via http, rather than using a file url

- Added a test that proxy server is handled correctly
@bigdaz bigdaz Added test for gradlew with authenticated proxy 031401c
@bigdaz bigdaz Handle authenticated proxies for gradlew f169fd9
Commits on Feb 03, 2012
@adammurdoch adammurdoch - Changed DirectInstantiator to handle primitive constructor parameters.
- Changed AsmBackedClassGenerator to handle decorating types with primitive constructor parameters.
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Converted some types from Boolean to boolean. 6496054
@breskeby breskeby fixed link to a groovy mailinglist discussion 4f475c2
@szczepiq szczepiq Improved logging and trace in various places to aid debugging. Remove…
…d the heapDumpPath setting for daemon for now.
@alkemist alkemist Made the ReportContainer Configurable 5590f4b
@alkemist alkemist small tweak to the “quickCheck”. 0191e87
@alkemist alkemist Ignore some unit tests that require an Internet connection when we do…
…n't have one.
@alkemist alkemist Remove the ReportContainerBuilder, replacing with an inheritance base…
…d instantiation strategy for the report instances.

The primary benefit is that it binds the instantiation to the type that implements the public interface, reducing the likelihood of mismatches (i.e. not actually adding a report with a name advertised by the interface) which would not be discovered until runtime.
@alkemist alkemist Add an IDEA run configuration that executes the “quickCheck” task via…
… the wrapper.
@alkemist alkemist Fix the idea metadata generation for the new quick check runner. 117f4e5
@alkemist alkemist Use an enum to denote the kind of output for a report (i.e. does the …
…destination file point to a file or directory) instead of a boolean.
Peter Niederwieser respect compileOptions.failOnError 1ca3c29
Peter Niederwieser added some Javadoc 00dac97
Peter Niederwieser improved/added Java compiler related tests 2ada61e
Peter Niederwieser javadoc fix db0b220
@breskeby breskeby first draft of updated example on domainobjectcontainer with extensions 135a6a8
@breskeby breskeby GRADLE-1774 add more test coverage
- extracted tests covering AbstractPropertiesCommandLineConverter functionality to AbstractPropertiesCommandLineConverterTest
- added explicit test for AbstractPropertiesCommandLineConverter#configure(CommandLineParser)
Peter Niederwieser made SunJavaCompiler and Jdk6JavaCompiler respect CompileOptions.list…

- right now they just print to standard out because I'm not sure if and how our remoting system handles logging redirection
@szczepiq szczepiq Added some more trace to aid debugging. 67b601f
Peter Niederwieser polished test and made it work on Windows 414bdad
@szczepiq szczepiq Added some more trace to the daemon server. f4a0ceb
@szczepiq szczepiq Enabled 2 more daemon lifecycle tests that should work fine on windows 318a1aa
@szczepiq szczepiq Merge branch 'sf-windaemon' 5b4e12e
Commits on Feb 04, 2012
@breskeby breskeby GRADLE-2073 get rid of DocumentationPluginExtension 51d3197
@adammurdoch adammurdoch GRADLE-2080
Introduced ModelConfigurationListener, which is used to fire an event after all configuration is done. Changed the tooling API to use this event to trigger when to build its model.
@adammurdoch adammurdoch This test works now. 67d15e9
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Tightened up int test. 9f45d52
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Don't manually box primitive value. 7398cd5
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Changed CodeQualityPlugin so that it does not (indirectly) apply the …
…java-base and groovy-base plugins.
@adammurdoch adammurdoch - Changed the CodeNarc plugin so it works more like the other code qu…
…ality plugins.

- Removed CodeQualityExtension.project, and checkTasks.
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Extracted a bunch of stuff from code quality plugins into a common su…
…per class.
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Changed the code quality plugins to all use the same pattern as the c…
…odenarc plugin for setting default values for tasks.
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Changed the code quality plugins so that they do not apply the corres…
…ponding base plugin.
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Fixed unused imports. b868c44
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Fixed unused imports. 8965ec8
@alkemist alkemist Make idea automatically include the ASL2 license header. 04f1e6b
@alkemist alkemist Set the idea indent for Groovy to 4 spaces 725165c
@alkemist alkemist Add Set variant of CollectionUtils.collect. 0f7f3e9
@alkemist alkemist Added task input/output wiring for reporting. a5cf36b
@szczepiq szczepiq Improved one test that was somewhat instable on CI. bb31c57
@szczepiq szczepiq Enabled one more deamon test to be runnable on windows. Also fixes so…
…me stuff I accidentally pushed with my previous checkin.
@szczepiq szczepiq Enabled one more daemon test for windows. Added a very simple algorit…
…hm to find alternative java on windows. Removed output from handle exception as it is already shown.
@alkemist alkemist Added OutputDirectories annotation that works like OutputDirectory bu…
…t works on an Iterable<File> property.
@alkemist alkemist Removed some redundant array creation for varargs calls. d691a78
@alkemist alkemist Introduced OutputFiles task annotation that works like OutputFile but…
… for Iterable<File> properties.
@alkemist alkemist If a @Nested task property has an internal type (i.e. the instance va…
…riable has a different type to the return type of the getter), use the internal type for introspecting for other annotated properties.

 This allows nested beans to use internal types for task wiring, thereby preventing methods added just for task wiring from being exported to the public API.
@alkemist alkemist Add annotated properties to TaskReportContainer instead of wiring up …
…the inputs/outputs via the API so that the necessary directories are created for the report destinations.
@alkemist alkemist Some javadoc on Reporting 63033db
@alkemist alkemist Updated the Pmd plugin to use the new reporting infrastructure. 070a76e
Commits on Feb 05, 2012
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Changed code quality tasks to use IsolatedAntBuilder to run tasks, to…
… pick up some ClassLoader caching and to avoid creating a new ClassLoader for each execution (in particular, CodeNarc was creating a copy of Groovy for each execution).
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Try again, after merge went wrong. a645754
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Changed DefaultResolvedArtifact to discard its FileSource after downl…
…oading an artifact, to allow all the state it drags in to be garbage collected.
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Separated ArtifactResolver out of ModuleVersionResolveResult, and inl…
…ined ModuleVersionResolver into its subtypes. This separation is to allow clients to hang onto enough state to be able to download module artifacts without needing to hang onto the full module resolve state.
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Actually split up the module and artifact resolve states in the vario…
…us ModuleVersionResolveState impls.
@adammurdoch adammurdoch updated wrapper to use a new snapshot c209489
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Added the default jvm args back to the wrapper scripts. a7e17d0
Commits on Feb 06, 2012
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Tweaked how we handle the case where tests interrupt the current thre…
…ad, so that we don't need an extra thread.
@alkemist alkemist Moved TaskReportContainer and DefaultReportContainer to the internal …
@alkemist alkemist Added @Nested to “reports” on codenarc task to fix broken incremental…
… support.

Also added a test and removed some semicolons.
@szczepiq szczepiq Bumped timeout for local builds. f68ee22
@szczepiq szczepiq Added toString() to help debugging 82a6582
@szczepiq szczepiq Enabled some more daemon lifecycle tests that run on windows. Added s…
…ome comments on the remaining tests that not yet run on windows. Improved debugging a tiny bit.
@szczepiq szczepiq Tiny fix - forgot about ignores when no other java home is found 08d6360
@alkemist alkemist Moved DefaultReportContainer.ImmutabilityViolationException to Report…

This puts it in the public space and is a better home.
@alkemist alkemist Update to the latest nightly that fixes the problem with codenarc tas…
…ks not being incremental.
@alkemist alkemist If the system property “org.gradle.deprecation.trace” is set, log the…
… execution stack so what's hitting the deprecated API can be found.

I'm not adding this as a public feature, but it may turn into one at some point. Also, setting the system property via a parameter to Gradle does not work (use GRADLE_OPTS or similar).
@alkemist alkemist Updated the checkstyle task to use the new reporting infrastructure. 64d6501
@alkemist alkemist Updated the findbugs plugin to use the new reporting infrastructure b3fd7b6
@alkemist alkemist Set the `configProperties` map property literally in the plugin setup…
…, not using convention mappings.

Using convention mappings for this prevents addition of properties because each access will return a new empty map.
@alkemist alkemist Add missing deprecation trace for nagUserWith 5a7f1b1
@alkemist alkemist Update our wrapper version to get the deprecation trace, and fix a bu…
…nch of deprecation warnings.
@alkemist alkemist Change the CheckstyleExtension to set the configProperties map itself…
… instead of doing it in the plugin where it voids any convention mappings
@alkemist alkemist Fix error in findbugs plugin during output when there are errors. 560b68d
@breskeby breskeby GRADLE-1823: fixed wrong path separator in script
- splitted the generation of script content and writing to file
- added StartScriptGeneratorTest for testing content of scripts
@breskeby breskeby cleanup StartScriptGeneratorTask: remove temporaryFile rule & comment 01287f9
@breskeby breskeby remove unused imports a20387e
@alkemist alkemist Update jdepends plugin to use new reporting infrastructure. 20dfa8c
@alkemist alkemist Update to the latest nightly to get more deprecation trace, and fix s…
…ome more deprecation warnings in our build.
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Put customisations back into wrapper scripts. 4691d69
Peter Niederwieser polishing a16c0a9
Peter Niederwieser added test b5db43c
Peter Niederwieser fixed typo 8c09850
Peter Niederwieser first cut of compiler daemon 3cd00c1
Peter Niederwieser redesigned compiler choosers to act as (and be named like) factories
also leverage compiler APIs for in-process compilation
introduced CompileOptions.useAnt; currently still defaults to true
Peter Niederwieser `plugins` project must not have JDK tools Jar as outgoing dependency
- introduced script plugin named `providedConfiguration`
Peter Niederwieser added missing license header a3f5188
Peter Niederwieser removed unused imports e849ef8
Peter Niederwieser adapted tests to previous changes 6893c00
Commits on Feb 07, 2012
Peter Niederwieser make sure we don't ever ship tools.jar in the future 6555098
Peter Niederwieser put `provided` configuration on test compile class path
- this should make custom eclipse plugin class path configuration unnecessary
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Download distributions from '', rather than 'downl…
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Download distributions from '', rather than 'downl…
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Fixed the type parameter. adaf18b
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Force sonar tests to use the version of commons-io required by Gradle…
…, rather than the version of commons-io required by Sonar (might make a nice conflict manager at some point: prefer direct dependencies of projects over transitive dependencies of external dependencies).
@adammurdoch adammurdoch - Removed Checkstyle.reportFile. It wasn't present in m7, so we don't…
… need to keep it around.

- Deprecated Codenarc.reportFormat and reportFile.
@adammurdoch adammurdoch ignore this again on windows for a bit. 7dfb57a
@adammurdoch adammurdoch - Fail in a consistent, compiler-independent way when a non-Java sour…
…ce file is specified for compilation.

- Moved scanning of source files up from CompilationAction to NormalisingJavaCompiler, so other Compiler impls can make use of the cached result.
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Changed code quality plugins to exclude stuff provided by the Gradle …
…runtime when resolving the tool implementation classpath.
Peter Niederwieser renamed NormalisingJavaCompiler to NormalizingJavaCompiler 13d0348
@szczepiq szczepiq Housekeeping. Made sure the Jvm returned by Jvm.forHome() does expose…
… only the information it knows, e.g. what is declared in the new interface. Later on, we can do some more refactoring in Jvm (e.g. replace condidtionals with different implementations, etc.)
@szczepiq szczepiq Removed the safety tweak related to GRADLE-2035, e.g. we know it can …
…happen and we're handling it best we can given current infrastructure.
@szczepiq szczepiq Fixed the problem with the multiple stop attempts made on the same co…
…nnection. It's the simplest solution: the stop operation is still non-blocking but the removal from the registry is now blocking. Not really possible to write integration test for that problem, added unit tests.
@szczepiq szczepiq Daemon logging tweak 691c984
@szczepiq szczepiq Added a integration smoke test for stopping the daemon to make sure w…
…e don't have any deadlocks.
@szczepiq szczepiq Bumped the timeout slightly in the integ test. 48cb7b8
Peter Niederwieser fixed typo 05e13ee
Peter Niederwieser stripped 'provided' dependencies of sonar subproject to a minimum
- means that our build won't download hibernate etc. anymore
Peter Niederwieser added some poor man's logging to CompilerDaemonManager 204f8bb
Peter Niederwieser made DefaultCompilerDaemon serializable e2af319
Peter Niederwieser made DaemonJavaCompiler configure the compiler that it delegates to 6944b12
@breskeby breskeby GRADLE-2081 introduced Jdk7CompliantJavaCompiler
- as delegator to JavaCompiler when running on jdk7
- to set rt.jar on bootstrap classpath when compiling
	- with sourceCompatibility != jdk7 &
	- bootstrapclasspath not set manually
@breskeby breskeby fixed naming conflicts after rebasing 8bb4a15
@bigdaz bigdaz Use JCIFS for NTLM authentication
 - Added JCIFS to NOTICE and LICENSE files
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Merge branch 'master' into release 1cfb2e6
@alkemist alkemist Removed getDestination() from Report and introduced SingleFileReport.
Also made all the existing report container implementations specialisations of ReportContainer<SingleFileReport>.
@alkemist alkemist Add a metadata property “gradle-release-date” to our distributions in…
… s3.
Commits on Feb 08, 2012
@adammurdoch adammurdoch - Changed IsolatedAntBuilder so that logging APIs are injected into t…
…he isolated classloader.

- Changed IsolatedAntBuilder to load ant and groovy in a separate classloader to the task implementation, and cache each ant+groovy classloader, to avoid loading groovy in multiple classloaders (one for groovyc, one for codenarc, etc).
- Changed code quality plugins to exclude logging dependencies that are provided by the runtime.
Peter Niederwieser added new spec fb98bae
Peter Niederwieser made 'quickCheck' task fail if it's used in an unsupported way
- now supports abbreviation 'qC' (and also 'quickcheck')
Peter Niederwieser first working version of compiler daemon
- reworked based on the fact that our worker process infrastructure is asynchronous
Peter Niederwieser added integration test for DaemonJavaCompiler 484b2c9
@adammurdoch adammurdoch GRADLE-2085
- Don't create MessageOriginator until actually required.
- Use IP address in MessageOriginator when hostname cannot be determined.
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Removed unused imports. e27c03d
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Removed broken repo 23dcbfd
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Tweaked generics. d3f4290
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Merge branch 'release' a8669ac
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Updated wrapper to use m8 snapshot. 7daf735
@breskeby breskeby GRADLE-2081: don't decorate Ant Compiler at all 018ff55
@alkemist alkemist Change the url to the version services to be http://services.gradle.o… 34c09cd
@szczepiq szczepiq Tweaked the timeout setting in the daemon gradle executer - when cust…
…om daemon folder is used or isolated daemons required then prefer shorter daemon timeout.
@szczepiq szczepiq Logging tweak. 0b4e918
@szczepiq szczepiq Introduced initial coverage for foreground daemon logging/output. 3d0cca9
@breskeby breskeby GRADLE-2081 replaced Jvm.getRuntimeJar() reference
- calculate defaultBootclasspath using RuntimeMXBean.getBootClassPath() if bootclasspath is available.
@szczepiq szczepiq Rationalized some coverage around foreground daemon logging. be27b76
@szczepiq szczepiq Some improvements to the daemon logging. Now the daemon infrastructur…
…e logs with DEBUG even when the build has started. This way the logs will be much more comprehensive. They won't contain the 'build' DEBUG output unless the client builds with DEBUG.
@szczepiq szczepiq Housekeeping - some injection refactorings. 7ebe368
@breskeby breskeby GRADLE-2019 handle java and java-base correctly
- java-base plugin applied before earplugin is now handled correctly
- java plugin can now be applied before/after earplugin
@bigdaz bigdaz Cloned ivy's PomModuleDescriptorBuilder as GradlePomModuleDescriptor,…
… ready for our fixes.

- This code is a direct copy of ivy code, which will be assimilated over time.
@bigdaz bigdaz Cleanup and reformat imported code 89a3acf
@bigdaz bigdaz Basic unit test for pom parsing 51f438d
@bigdaz bigdaz Fix bug parsing pom with empty classifier element 843fd7f
Commits on Feb 09, 2012
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Some fixed for running unit tests on ibm java 6. d8b8847
@alkemist alkemist Add ExtensionContainer.add(String name, Class type, Object... constru…
…ctionArgs) for adding dynamic extensions.

This method is backed by the class generator and the instantiator, meaning that code like:

project.extensions.add("foo",, "bar")

can be replaced with:

project.extensions.add("foo", Foo, "bar")
@adammurdoch adammurdoch - Added ClasspathSource, to allow a ClassLoader to make its classpath…
… available via ClasspathUtil.getClasspath() without making it parent(s) visible.

- Fixed broken int tests.
- Removed the 'observable' bit from ObservableUrlClassLoader and renamed it to MutableURLClassLoader.
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Don't force a particular xml parser implementation. 1c3d443
@bigdaz bigdaz Added (currently failing) test that checks that the Gradle cache tole…
…rates manual deletion of cache files
@bigdaz bigdaz GRADLE-2044: Handle manual deletion of cache files under the module-m…
…etadata directory
@breskeby breskeby GRADLE-2079 fixed javadoc path handling:
- never use variables in javadoc paths -> its not supported by eclipse
- replaced raw path to jar file by jar url (eg.jar:file:/path/to/jar.jar!/)
Peter Niederwieser polishing e5ffa6d
Peter Niederwieser updated to Groovy 1.8.6
- fixes GROOVY-5084 but not yet GROOVY-5024
@alkemist alkemist GRADLE-2091 - wire project.signing.required to «Sign task».required
This allows users to easily have builds that sign when they can, but don't explode when they can't (if desired).
Commits on Feb 10, 2012
@breskeby breskeby GRADLE-2079 fixed integrationtest for windows machines a49b37b
@breskeby breskeby Revert "GRADLE-2079 fixed integrationtest for windows machines"
This reverts commit a49b37b.
@breskeby breskeby Revert "GRADLE-2079 fixed javadoc path handling:"
This reverts commit 710a0ba.
@adammurdoch adammurdoch updated for next release after m8. 63e1bbd
@bigdaz bigdaz Fix integration test to work on windows 3a0360b
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Fixes for generating docs on ibm java 6: moved Docbook2XHtml into bui…
…ldSrc and changed it do drive the Transformer interfaces directly.
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Use a bit more heap space for docbook translation. 996b9ad
@alkemist alkemist GRADLE-2091 - added some tests for uploading when signatures aren't r…
…equired and can't be generated.

If the signatures were supposed to be uploaded, they will just not be uploaded silently.
@alkemist alkemist GRADLE-2091 - wire project.signing.required to «Sign task».required
This allows users to easily have builds that sign when they can, but don't explode when they can't (if desired).

If the signatures were supposed to be uploaded, they will just not be uploaded silently.
@breskeby breskeby GRADLE-2079 use jar url in javadoc attribute
- add fromJarURL() to FileReferenceFactory.
- add getJarURL() to FileReference.
- replaced FileReference.getPath references on javadoc attribute by
- removed jar urls with "in-jar" paths in test .classpath files as gradle doesn't the
  then generation of them.
@alkemist alkemist Test fixes after changes to signing testing bits. 565ccab
@alkemist alkemist GRADLE-2095 - support any value for settings.required using the Groov…
…y Truth to determine value, and supporting laziness with Callables.
@alkemist alkemist Add ExtensionContainer.add(String name, Class type, Object... constru…
…ctionArgs) for adding dynamic extensions.

This method is backed by the class generator and the instantiator, meaning that code like:

project.extensions.add("foo",, "bar")

can be replaced with:

project.extensions.add("foo", Foo, "bar")
@breskeby breskeby remove debug println 7fc6275
@alkemist alkemist Deprecated SigningPluginConvention, replacing it with an extension. 8aa8d67
@alkemist alkemist Replace usage of some deprecated stuff in our API. b4ae4cf
@breskeby breskeby GRADLE-2079 use slashes for paths in javadoc jar url instead of backs…
@alkemist alkemist fix for typo. 2baf03b
@breskeby breskeby GRADLE-2079 add toString for FileReferenceImpl
- for tracing test on windows machine
Peter Niederwieser added integration test for TestNG groups 9cf1e14
Peter Niederwieser groovyfication 01082fa
Peter Niederwieser renamed test method b00c4ec
@alkemist alkemist add some trace to try and diagnose the CI failure. af684a8
Commits on Feb 11, 2012
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Fixes for docbook -> html generation on windows + java 5. 9a53ada
U-Adam-PC\Adam switched on pdf generation for windows, and fixed up test dependencie…
…s for 'userguidePdf'
@breskeby breskeby GRADLE-2079: respect slashes in windows javadoc in EclipseClasspathFi…
@adammurdoch adammurdoch - Always include extension types in dsl guide, whether referenced exp…
…licitly or not.

- Improved error reporting for the doc generation tasks.
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Added some initial documentation for the code quality extensions. c285acd
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Merge branch 'release' 397ea67
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Fixes for unit test running on ibm java 6. f8c7b2d
@breskeby breskeby GRADLE-2079 .classpath templates in unit tests need os specific treat…
@breskeby breskeby GRADLE-2079 more OS dependend handling is needed in our tests 7b1b573
@breskeby breskeby GRADLE-2079 more OS dependend handling is needed in our tests f555f77
@bigdaz bigdaz Added 'eclipse-plugin' as one of the pom packagings that maps to 'jar…
…' artifacts
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Some fixes for daemon jvm arg matching on ibm jvms. 6e834a5
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Merge branch 'release' 69e3e56
@alkemist alkemist Add some contents to the jars we are signing to try and fix the CI fa…
@szczepiq szczepiq Some cleanup / reorganization in the performance test b683b8b
@szczepiq szczepiq Tidying up - made the required dependency more explicit & cleaner. ea12d41
@szczepiq szczepiq Removed redundant buildscript configuration 2ecd5b7
@szczepiq szczepiq Added some initial stuff for the performance test 7159511
@szczepiq szczepiq Spiked making performance testing outside of the gradle main project.…
… It's not really possible as I need various things:

1. good way of running gradle (tooling api is almost there)
2. good way of using previous versions of gradle
So... the performance testing probably goes under the main gradle project.
@szczepiq szczepiq Moved the performance test into our subprojects layout. Some initial …
…work in the performance test.
@szczepiq szczepiq Tweaked the way performance test looks for sample folder. 01b490e
@szczepiq szczepiq Made sure the performance test is by default excluded from global int…
…egTest run.
@szczepiq szczepiq Made sure samples are generated before performance test runs. 0ccaf07
@szczepiq szczepiq Some refactoring. 0823506
@szczepiq szczepiq Added vm heap cap for the performance tests. e15c21f
@szczepiq szczepiq Added basic performance test capabilities for multiple runs. ee773d9
@szczepiq szczepiq Some tweaks/fixes to the memory test 89d68c6
@szczepiq szczepiq Tweaks to the performance tests...
Started using fancy spock stuff :) Added 'multi' sample project to the game. Separated the memory test from the build execution test because:
1. if I set the cap low the build times were very long and varied much more due to frequent gc runs.
2. if I set the cap high we lost the memory consumption validation.
@szczepiq szczepiq Some fixes to the build script. 5131746
@szczepiq szczepiq Made checkstyle happy 2d91e13
@alkemist alkemist Fix case issue in path that was causing the CI failure. a0560c6
@szczepiq szczepiq Bumped the memory cap for the performance test f6d173f
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Merge branch 'release' c4687a8
Commits on Feb 12, 2012
@adammurdoch adammurdoch Some fixes for int tests with ibm jvm. bf141f4