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Tweleter - more flames means more lit banner

This application might in the future be able to delete tweets based on a Twitter archive. For now, it just does random stuff to help me get started with Rust and Qt.


To build this application, you first need to check it out:

git clone

To compile it, run this: (you need to set up Rust for this)

cargo build

This places the binaries in target/debug/tweleter (tweleter.exe on Windows).

You can also compile and instantly run the project:

cargo run

In the future, I may provide pre-compiled binaries.


Any and all contributions (issues, pull requests, wiki edits, ...) are welcome! Just try to stick to the style of the existing code and the generally accepted standards for Rust. I'm always open for suggestions.

This project uses Glade for GTK+ UI development.


This project is licensed under a MIT License. Check out the LICENSE.txt file for more information.

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