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crank is a friendly IRC bot, it can query game servers and say the results into a channel. Other features include multi server support, auto-op of friends, the usual anti-flood, running as a service under windows and idling.


  • Triggers: Query game servers and message results to a channel.
  • Network: Multiple IRC server support.
  • Friend: Auto-op of friends and other commands.
  • Flood: Message flood protection.
  • Auth: Authenticate crank to the network's services.
  • Link: Sends all messages and actions (such as join/part/quits) from one channel to the other, even over networks.
  • Chat: Ability to message Battlefield 2/2142 server chat to a channel (uses rcon protocol).
  • Service: Remote updating of crank if run as a windows service.


Version Date Download
v1.0 10th March 2005
v1.546 30th July 2007 win32 i386


The source code was released on 28th January 2008.


Compile with Microsoft Visual Studio 6.


Compile with GCC using the Makefile in the src/ directory.

  cd src
  make                  # Build debug version
  make BUILD=release    # Build release version

Thanks to icepik-au for patching the Makefile to work in this decade.

Third Party Software

Name Description
qstat Best software for querying game servers.
MemLeakCheck To stop comparing this program to a sieve.
strlcpy/strlcat There's probably a buffer overflow in there somewhere.
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