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Battlefield 2 server administration program.
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Superfluous is a Battlefield 2 server rcon administration program for Windows 2K/XP (also should work in Wine and 9x/ME), the server needs to be running BF2CC/ModManager scripts version 4.6 or later and PunkBuster be enabled.


  • Very small, very fast and very low memory usage
  • Match players on a wide variety of options
  • Teamswap, kick, ban players with a reason
  • View all player chat from team, squad, commander and global
  • Send server chat
  • Hotkey to redirect all keyboard input to Superfluous
  • Alias frequently used commands
  • Send raw commands to the server


Version Date Download
v1.00 6th February 2006
v1.04 21st January 2007 win32 i386


The source code was released on 28th January 2008.


Compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 6 which requires the Microsoft Platform SDK.

  • Parts of the SDK which are required:
    • Microsoft Windows Core SDK -> Build Environment -> Build Environment (x86 32-bit)
    • Microsoft Web Workshop (IE) SDK -> Build Environment
  • After installing the SDK add the following directories to Visual Studio (Tools -> Options -> Directories) at the top of the list:
    • Include files: \Platform SDK (R2)\Include
    • Library files: \Platform SDK (R2)\Lib

Third Party


  • During the release compile there's a bunch of warnings which can be safely ignored, they're part of making the smallest EXE possible.
  • The "Enter rcon password" icon is an Archon from Blizzard's Starcraft with a padlock from Windows XP. Archon..rcon.. Geddit? Ha ha!
  • As for the main icon, don't ask what icon you should use on IRC, ever. This is possibly where it's from.
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