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SQLite replication made easy

The litereplica allows your applications to easily keep replicas of SQLite3 databases

It also adds point-in-time recovery and encryption support to SQLite

For a complete list of features, visit


The litereplica depends on the binn and the nanomsg libraries

How to use

C and C++

You can include the sqlite3.c file in your applications or leave it as a separate shared library

The same apply for the binn library

Other languages

Check for wrappers in the download page

Linking to the shared library

On Linux:

gcc -lsqlite3 myapp.c

On Windows:

Include the sqlite3.lib in your MSVC project

Compiling the Library

On Linux:

git clone
cd litereplica
make install

It will create the library and the sqlite3 shell application

On Windows:

Use the included Visual Studio project in the win32 folder

It will create the library sqlite3-1.0.dll but you can rename it to litereplica-1.0.dll


This public version has some bugs that limit the usage for database sizes up to ~50MB

The production ready version is available only under the commercial license


If your application includes or links to the litereplica code you will need a license.

The litereplica code (this version) is released under one of these 2 licenses:

  • GNU Affero GPL v3
  • Commercial License

Use the first option if your applications are released under a license compatible with the GNU Affero GPL v3. This means also releasing the source code of your application.

Otherwise you must purchase a commercial license at


SQLite replication and point-in-time recovery




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