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LiteX Hub - Collaborative FPGA projects around LiteX

👋 Welcome to LiteX Hub

The LiteX Hub hosts collaborative FPGA projects around LiteX.

What is LiteX?

The LiteX framework provides a convenient and efficient infrastructure to create FPGA Cores/SoCs, to explore various digital design architectures and create full FPGA based systems.

LiteX SoC builder framework quick tour/overview: Slides

Want to get started and/or looking for documentation? Make sure to visit the Wiki!

Have a question or want to get in touch? Our IRC channel is #litex at

Popular LiteX Hub Projects

LiteX Boards

LiteX board files to enable support for FPGA platforms from the very tiny Fomu to large PCIe accelerator boards.

Linux on LiteX

Run Linux on many popular FPGA boards!

FPGA 101


  1. Linux on LiteX-VexRiscv

    Python 380 126

  2. fpga_101 Public

    FPGA 101 lessons/labs

    Python 263 41

  3. LiteX boards files

    Python 199 191

  4. ideas Public

    Random ideas and interesting ideas for things we hope to eventually do.

  5. linux Public

    Forked from torvalds/linux

    Linux kernel source tree

    C 2 5

  6. Run 64-bit Linux on LiteX + RocketChip

    45 8