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A web site for managing access to local admin passwords managed by Microsoft LAPS
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Lithnet LAPS Web App

The Lithnet LAPS Web App is an IIS application that allows you to manage access to local admin passwords that are managed by the Microsoft Local Admin Password Solution (LAPS)

It provides granular permissions, auditing, email alerting and rate-limited access to LAPS passwords stored in a directory and is compatible with OpenID Connect, WS-Federation (ADFS), and integrated windows authentication.


Web-based accesss to LAPS passwords

The LAPS web app provides a simple web-based and mobile-friendly interface for accessing local admin passwords. There's no need for admins to install custom software, or have access to AD administrative tools to access LAPS passwords. Simply provide the computer name, and if you have access, the password is shown.

LAPS Administrators also have the option of forcing an expiry time when a password is accessed. This ensures that the password is rotated after use.

Audit success and failure event logs

All success and failure events are logged to the event log and a file. These can be easily shipped off to a SIEM for record keeping and further analysis and reporting.

Rate limiting

To prevent mass enumeration of passwords, you can limit the number of passwords an IP address or user can access within a given period.

Modern authentication options

The web app supports traditional integrated windows authentication, as well as external authentication providers such as ADFS or 3rd party OpenID Connect providers such as Azure AD and Okta. Using an external authentication provider allows you the option of providing additional protections for the application such as multifactor authentication.


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