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Lithnet Metadirectory Services Utilities

The Lithnet Metadirectory Services Utilities package is a .NET library containing extensions and utilities for writing code for the FIM sync engine

The library contains various helper classes and extensions for objects in the Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices namespace, such as the CSEntryChange. It allows you to reduce code and introduces new functions, such as XML serialization of native metadirectory services objects.

It can be used in any rules extension or ECMA2.2 project, along side the Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices component


You can install this package directly from NuGet

System Requirements

This library requires .NET 4.0 or higher and FIM 2010 R2 version 4.1.3341 or above (including MIM 2016).

Getting started

Read the API documentation

How can I contribute to the project

Found an issue?

Want to fix an issue?

  • Clone the project and submit a pull request

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