Administrator-assisted pasword reset module for FIM 2010 and MIM 2016
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Assisted password reset module for FIM 2010/MIM 2016

The Lithnet Assisted Password Reset (APR) module is an extension to the FIM/MIM portal that provides the ability for your help desk staff to reset a user's password directly from the MIM portal.


  1. Can create randomly generated passwords of a configurable length, or
  2. Allows password to be specified by the operator
  3. Includes the ability to force the user to change their password at the next login
  4. Optionally, can require operator to re-authenticate to reset a user's password
  5. Customize the list of attributes shown on the page
  6. Supports localized attribute names from the FIM/MIM service
  7. Integrates with the user RCDC using a UocHyperLink control
  8. Resets passwords directly against the AD, utilizing existing permission delegation


  • SharePoint 2013 or later
  • FIM 2010 R2 or later
  • .NET Framework 4.0 or later

Getting started

The module is a simple WSP package that needs to be deployed into your SharePoint farm. The installation guide covers all the steps for installing and upgrading the module


The module will match the locale of the MIM portal, rendering attribute display names in the browser's preferred language. The module itself can be localized into any language with a provided translation.

If you want to contribute a translation, see the "How can I contribute" section below.

How can I contribute to the project

Found an issue?

Want to fix an issue?

  • Fork the project and submit a pull request

Want to contribute a translation?

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