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Lithnet User Verification Module for FIM 2010/MIM 2016

The Lithnet User Verification Module is an extension to the FIM/MIM portal that provides the ability for your help desk staff to validate a user using an SMS code sent to their mobile number.

If your users are already registered for SMS-based self-service password reset, then this module is ready to use.


  1. Uses your existing SmsServiceProvider.dll that you created for SSPR one-time SMS passwords
  2. Customize the list of attributes shown on the user verification page
  3. Supports localized attribute names from the FIM/MIM service
  4. Integrates with the user RCDC using a UocHyperLink control
  5. Can be secured to only allow users of a set to access the tool


  • SharePoint 2013 or later
  • FIM 2010 R2 or later
  • .NET Framework 4.0 or later

Getting started

The module is a simple WSP package that needs to be deployed into your SharePoint farm. The installation guide covers all the steps for installing and upgrading the module


The module will match the locale of the FIM portal, rendering attribute display names in the browser's preferred language. The module itself has been localized into the following languages

  • Italian
  • German (Thanks to Peter Stapf)
  • Danish (Thanks to Søren Granfeldt)
  • Swedish (Thanks to Leo Erlandsson)

If you want to contribute a translation, see the "How can I contribute" section below.

How can I contribute to the project

Found an issue?

Want to fix an issue?

  • Fork the project and submit a pull request

Want to contribute a translation?

Keep up to date