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PiBadge24 -- Defcon 24 / Bsides PiBadge Stuff

ToDo List

  • Download Current Adafruit Raspbian Lite w/ TFT Driver
  • download omxplayer + dependices packages
  • make omxplayer install script -
  • make mplayer install package
  • make / borrow script to resize partition
  • make script to change kb layout / locale
  • make script to enable ssh
  • make network config script
  • make script to change refresh rate of display?
  • make fbcp install script?
  • Check out other video looper -
  • Upload new videos // Git File Size Limit may prevent this
  • Make installer script
  • Make updated Generic TFT Raspbian Image
  • Make updated PiTFT Image

Optional Tasks

  • Change Console font
  • Configure day / con based video playback script
  • Add "Touch to skip video function for touchscreen displays
  • Make "Party Mode"
  • Make quake3 package
  • make doom package
  • metasploit framwork?
  • custom boot logo / image?
  • dosbox? Windows 3.1?
  • mesh networking

From Scratch Install Steps No image? No problem mon!

Video Players / Issues

There are two video players that do not require X and work well on the pi. Those are: mplayer2 omxplayer

Mplayer2 can output directly to an arbitrary framebuffer eg. /dev/fb1 which is where our TFT lives. Omxplayer will only output to /dev/fb0 so you need to use a tool to copy the memory of fb0 to fb1. There are two tools that do this. fbcp and raspi2fb. Raspi2fb is supposed to be faster, but I have had issues getting it to work.

rpi-fbcp: lower cpu usage raspi2fb: higher cpu usage, but video seems smoother

Video Ideas

The theme of Defcon this year is "Rise of the Machines" Im thinking of going with some crazy AI movie clips + random CG art

  • Terminator
  • Hal 9000
  • Blade Runnner
  • DC Zia Logo Exploding
  • VLA Clips
  • Random
  • Ghost in the Shell
  • The Matrix
  • Systems crashing anthology?
  • Hackers
  • Neon Genesis Evangellion
  • Johnny Mnemonic
  • Beyond The Minds Eye
  • 2001

3D Clips from

Defcon / Bsides Random info

Schedules! Print one out or download a pdf:

--Bsides Schedule:

--Defcon Schedule:

--Defcon Bands / music:


Defcon Parties:

Key Parties:

Tue Aug 2nd

--Cylance / Alice in Chains @ House of Blues: Full?

--FireEye @ Eyecandy:

--Distil Networks with Coolio?! @ Light

Wed Aug 3rd

--BSides Pool Party (Dual Core, YT Cracker, Jakalope): Wed 10pm

--Rapid7 @ Hakkasan

--Cylance @ Minus5

Thusday Aug 4th

--All in Party @ Minus5

Friday Aug 5th

--DCParties music (Zebbler Encanti, Dual Core, Jakalope)



Saturday Aug 6th

--DCParties Music pt 2 (Insoc / Berlin)

--IOActive Freakshow


Sunday Aug 7th


Defcon 24 / Bsides PiBadge Code






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