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Lightweight framework for fast WebApi development under ASP.NET Core
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WebInfrastructure is a lightweight framework for fast WebApi development with ASP.NET Core.


Package Description NuGet
Skeleton.Common Common extension and classes NuGet version
Skeleton.CQRS.Abstractions Abstractions of the CQRS pattern NuGet version
Skeleton.CQRS.Implementation Implementation of the CQRS pattern NuGet version
Skeleton.Dapper Helpers and extensions for Dapper NuGet version
Skeleton.Web Base classes for WebApi creation NuGet version
Skeleton.Web.Authentication Authentication primitives for WebApi NuGet version
Skeleton.Web.Conventions Conventions for WebApi data transmissions NuGet version
Skeleton.Web.Integration Primitives for writing WebApi clients NuGet version
Skeleton.Web.Logging.Abstractions Abstractions for structured logging NuGet version
Skeleton.Web.Logging.NLog Primitives for logging via NLog NuGet version
Skeleton.Web.Logging.Serilog Primitives for logging via Serilog NuGet version
Skeleton.Web.Serialization.Abstractions Abstractions for using different serializers NuGet version
Skeleton.Web.Serialization.Jil Primitives for using serializer based on Jil NuGet version
Skeleton.Web.Serialization.JsonNet Primitives for using serializer based on Json.Net NuGet version
Skeleton.Web.Serialization.Protobuf Primitives for using serializer based on Protobuf NuGet version
Skeleton.Web.Testing Primitives for writing WebApi integration tests NuGet version
Skeleton.Queues.Abstractions Library with abstractions for working with message queues NuGet version
Skeleton.Queues.RabbitMq Library with classes for working with RabbitMq NuGet version
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