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Webauth: OAuth 1.0/a for Python

Webauth is a package providing OAuth 1.0/a consumer support. The package is written as a hook over the superb Python Requests package.


Install the package with one of the following commands:

$ python install


$ pip install webauth (not yet!)


Using the package is quite simple. Ensure that Python Requests is installed. Import the relavent module and start utilizing OAuth endpoints!

from webauth import OAuthHook
import requests

# setup the OAuth Hook
oauth = OAuthHook(consumer_key='123', consumer_secret='456')
# attach it to a pre-request hook
oauth_requests = requests.session(hooks={'prehook': oauth})

# begin by getting a request token

Once the request token is acquired you'll want to update the OAuth Hook and request session accordingly, providing the token and token_key parameters to OAuthHook.


The Sphinx-compiled documentation is available here: (not yet!)

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