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Rauth Changelog
This provides a list of changes to rauth by release.
Changes in Version 0.7.2
* Fixed encoding of tilde bug in urlencode #186
* Fixed overriding of Content-Type #166
* Allow optional query parameters #175
Changes in Version 0.7.1
* Fixed Requests token saving in headers #137
* Fixed character encoding; all percent-encoded #165
* Added PLAINTEXT signature support #147
Changes in Version 0.7.0
* Made OAuth1 nonces more secure via SystemRandom
* Exposed authentication responses
* Allowed Requests versions >= 1.2.3
* Fixed OAuth1 unicode encoding issues
Changes in Version 0.6.2
* Made OAuth access token name dynamic
Changes in Version 0.6.1
* Updated PyPI metadata.
Changes in Version 0.6.0
* Added Python 3 support (thanks to everyone who contributed, espcially
* Made service and session objects serializable
Changes in Version 0.5.5
* BUGFIX Fixed upstream CaseInsensitiveDict API changes
* BUGFIX Corrected multiple quoting of oauth_token
Changes in Version 0.5.4
* BUGFIX Corrected adding header to OAuth 2.0 where no access token existed
Changes in Version 0.5.3
* Added an ad hoc check against double signing in OAuth 1.0/a
Changes in Version 0.5.2
* Added ability to pass in key name for get_token methods (excluding raw)
* Added ability to pass in custom decoder for get_token methods (excluding
* Added better error reporting for get_token methods (excluding raw)
* BUGIFX Corrected assignment of custom signature objects in OAuth 1.0
session objects
* Added custom decoder param for request and access token getters
* Updated test runner to not fail when yanc is missing
* Removed bash requirement from test runner
* Updated documentation to include CHANGELOG
* Updated docstring to correct incorrect documentation
* BUGFIX Corrected improper OAuth 1.0/a handling of entity-methods
Changes in Version 0.5.1
* BUGFIX Added CaseInsensitiveDict to ensure headers are properly updated
Changes in Version 0.5.0
* Added requirements.txt
* Updated documentation
* Updated README
* All HTTP methods moved to Session objects
* Added get_session method to service wrappers
* Added get_auth_session method to service wrappers
* Added get_raw_access token to OAuth1 and OAuth2Service
* OAuth2 client_id parameter interpolation moved to OAuth2Session
* Default OAuth parameter setting removed from all wrapper methods
* Default redirect_uri removed from all service wrapper helper methods
* Default response_type removed from OAuth2Service.get_authorize_url
* Default oauth_callback removed from OAuth1Service.get_raw_request_token
* parse_utf8_qsl moved out of all get_raw_* Service wrapper methods
* Default remote_user removed from OflyService.get_authorize_url
* Added Ofly MD5 signing option
* Moved Ofly signing logic into staticmethod on OflySession
* raise_for_status removed from all service wrapper helper methods
* Cleaned up OAuth2Service.get_access_token
* Default basic auth removed from OAuth2Service.get_access_token
* Service wrapper API unified
* hook module removed, replaced by session module
* Added unified Requests Session wrappers for each respective service
* Default connection timeouts moved into Session module logic
* All request injection now happens on Session objects
* Removed examples without correct, functioning credentials
* Test suite completely rewritten for more robust request checking