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This repo consists of Litmus Chaos Experiments written in golang. The examples in this repo are good indicators of how to construct the experiments in golang: complete with steady state checks, chaosresult generation, chaos injection etc.., post chaos checks, create events and reports for observability and configure sinks for these.

NOTE: This repo can be viewed as an extension to the litmuschaos/litmus repo. The litmus repo will also continue to be the project's community-facing meta repo housing other important project artifacts. In that sense, litmus-go is very similar to and therefore a sister repo of litmus-python which houses examples for experiment business logic written in python.

Litmus SDK

The Litmus SDK provides a simple way to bootstrap your experiment and helps create the aforementioned artifacts in the appropriate directory (i.e., as per the chaos-category) based on an attributes file provided as input by the chart-developer. The scaffolded files consist of placeholders which can then be filled as desired.

It generates the custom chaos experiments with some default Pre & Post Chaos Checks (AUT & Auxiliary Applications status checks). It can use the existing chaoslib (present inside /chaoslib directory), if available else It will create a new chaoslib inside the corresponding directory.

Refer Litmus-SDK for more details.

How to get started?

Refer the LitmusChaos Docs and Experiment Docs

How do I contribute?

You can contribute by raising issues, improving the documentation, contributing to the core framework and tooling, etc.

Head over to the Contribution guide


Here is a copy of the License: License

License Status and Vulnerability Check

FOSSA Status