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Experiment Maturity Guidelines

This document lists the criteria as per which the maturity levels of chaos experiments can be derived.

Alpha Beta General Availabilty
  • Injects the intended chaos on any one standard Kubernetes platform (GKE, EKS, DOKS, vSphere)
  • Has a clearly defined entry (initial status) & exit (resiliency) criteria
  • Conforms to the standard litmus experiment structure (business logic, auxiliary tasks/utils, chaoslib)
  • Provides a Kubernetes job manifest to execute the chaos experiment
  • Accompanied by usage doc (readme) with pre-requisites, experiment tunables and procedure
  • Successfully reverses the chaos, leaves cluster in a healthy state
  • Clearly classified as an application-level or (cluster) infrastructure level chaos
  • Leaves no chaos residue (cleans up resources created as part of execution) regardless of success
  • Has sufficient debug messages (logs) indicating experiment flow
  • Reuse of base chaoslib, existing (common) utils where possible
  • Supports at least two of the standard Kubernetes platforms
  • Accompanied by a how-to demo video to aid users
  • Successfully executed by the LitmusChaos Operator (executor) via ChaosExperiment CR
  • Templatizes any manifest/resource specification used in the experiment execution
  • Supports all 4 standard Kubernetes platforms
  • The ChaosResult CR contains sufficient info on the state (action & result of significant steps) of the chaos experiment
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